Benefits of Using Linen Fabric in your Daily Life


linen fabric

Linen is the most traditional fabric that comes from nature. It is thicker and highly expensive than cotton. Linen is well-known for its durability, strength, and softness. It has been used for the last 10,000 years to make all the household and garment items like undergarments, tablecloths, Bedding, apparel, and many more.

Linen was used by the Egyptians to wrap mummies, and knights used to wear a linen shirt & pants under their armor. In Mesopotamia linen was mostly used by royalties as manufacturing of line was too laborious and was too expensive. In Lithuania civilization there is mentioning linen, it's used in various folklore and other different stories. So, linen is deeply connected to our roots. Today linen is used in many ways even designers love to use linen fabric over other kinds of fabric. Technology has played a key role in improving the production of linen, it has reduced the time taken to do the overall production.


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Linen is made from flax stems, Flax is a plant that grows in cooler regions mostly European countries and some parts of India & Pakistan. The cycle of converting flax seeds into plants to the extraction of fiber to the weaving of fabric and finally processing is too laborious. And, this is the reason why linen has always been a luxury fabric.

The seeds of flax are sowed and are harvested after 100 days of sowing. After which the plants are pulled out from the roots and laid on the ground for drying. Once the stems have completely dried it is soaked in water or chemical for some days, this process is called retting. Retting loosens up the fiber from the main stalk to outer stalk. Then the fibers are extracted the short coarse fiber is used to make paper, ropes, etc. and longer fibers are used to makes yarns for weaving.

Once the yarns are extracted it is sent for spinning and weaving of the fabric in yards.


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Linen is a fabric in the fabric where you would like to have some creases all over the fabric, its the character of fabric you would like to embrace it. It accessories the overall space with a very vintage and natural look. If you want to adorn this beautiful fabric in your home then just simply use it without ironing and fall in love with its beautiful look.


Linen fabric is made from hollow Flax plants, so it absorbs water very well and it soaks moisture to its 20% of its weight. After which it will feel wet or damp, therefore your bed will always make you feel pleasant, and fresh when you sleep on it. It also implies that you would wake up to a fresh and energetic feeling in the morning when you wake up, as linen would let your skin to breathe.


Linen has good wicking properties, which means it can absorb and release moisture very fastly. This is because linen is made from hollow flax, which allows air to pass through easily. So it doesn't stick to the skin and make you feel uncomfortable. Linen is a good insulator hence it remains cool in summer and traps heat from the body in winters.


Linen is a hypoallergenic property which means if your skin is too sensitive or you suffer from too many allergies then it's good to use linen as a primary fabric. It also has antibacterial properties because of which it heals your body, also because of this reason it was used as bandages in ancient times


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Munio home linen is all about the wisdom with which the weavers of Latvia weave our beautiful fabrics. Our linen is made from 100% organic flax, no pesticides or insecticides have been used in the harvesting of the plant. All the process is done naturally by the loving hands of farmers and the weavers. Even the extraction of fiber also known as retting is also done naturally. Once the fabric is made it is stonewashed, it is a process in which the fabrics are washed with volcanic stones to attain maximum softness.

27 February, 2020

Ways to Clean & Store Wine/Champagne Glasses

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Munio Home Wine & champagne flutes are created delicately by our master craftsmen using the age-old technique of mouth blowing hot glass blob, & molding it into a beautiful flute. This flute would make your favorite wine or champagne experience more delightful as it is lead-free and made with recycled glass protecting the natural resources.

However, to keep this experience delightful and extravagant forever, you need to take care of these beauties with utmost diligence. I know these flutes demand extra, which can be tiresome, but it's okay as the fruit of your work will make you feel luxurious every time you take a sip.

In European Culture, it's a tradition to pass on the precious wine or champagne flutes to the younger generation, it's not just a small handcrafted wine glass but the feelings the memories attached to it. Similarly, we Indians do that with clothes, jewelry, etc. mothers pass on their wedding dress or jewelry to their daughter.

Check out the tips on caring and storage of these flutes, so that it lives long and continues passing on a million memories you and your loved ones made with it.


wine glass care

  • To avoid any breakage, you should always hold a Champagne or wine flutes from the bowl, not from the stem, as it is the most delicate part of the flute, and it might break. It would be better if you always try to cup the bowl from the base of the flute with your fingers.
  • We recommend you to wash the Munio Home flutes immediately after use to avoid any staining on the glass. If you are feeling too lazy to clean it, right after drinking wine or planning to clean all after-party mess in the morning, you can fill them with some lukewarm water and wash it in the morning.
  • One should always hand wash the wine & champagne flutes just fill the bowl with lukewarm water and a little (just a drop or two) liquid dish detergent in it swirl it and rinse it again with lukewarm water until all the soap is gone. Never put too hot water in the flute, as the flutes may develop cracks, or it may break.
  • If there are any stains inside the bowl, then clean it using a soft sponge a bit of detergent. It would better to use perfume less or odorless detergent as the bowl is made in such a way to capture the smell. Honestly, nobody would like to drink wine or champagne with a hint of detergent smell coming to their nose.
  • Once you have cleaned the keep the flute, keep it upside down on a soft towel, let it air dry, and then wipe it with a microfiber fabric. Never dry it with a normal cloth as it may create tiny scratches and leave lint behind.
  • If you have that stubborn lipstick stains ( M.A.C doesn't call it stains) on the rim of the flute Yes, these are too difficult to remove it, and nobody wants to know who was the previous drinker. Simply use few spoons of warm vinegar (just keep vinegar bottle in some hot water) and clean the stain with a soft sponge.


Glass Storage

  • Keep the wine glass upright when storing it in the cabinet as the rim is the thinnest part of the flute you don't want to risk breaking it if you wish to extra care you can keep a sponge sheet on the shelf and then place the wine glass. Always try to keep a distance of 3 inches between two flutes to avoid chipping it.

  • If you have an extensive collection of flutes, you can always rotate them time and again to make sure you use each one regularly.
20 February, 2020

Care Essentials Of Munio Home Clayware & Glassware Products

What is Munio Home Care Essential?

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Munio Home care essential is all about taking care of the beautiful products you buy from our store. These delicate products need special attention from you like the exceptional care was taken by the Master craftsmen of Latvia to create it. These artistic beauties need to be extraordinarily cared to preserve them for your future generations who don't like to pass on their prized possession. So here are a few tips and tricks to take care of your pretty procession because it breaks not only your but our heart too when you lose it.

Clay Products



Before using any clay ware or earthenware product, it is needed to be well seasoned, but why you need to season it? We need to season the earthenware products before using it because of the material i.e, clay is porous. Seasoning is a must as it prevents breakage, leakage, damage from heat, as well as smell or stains. You can season the earthenware by soaking the vessel in boiled rice water, letting it cool down to room temperature and letting it air-dry overnight. 

2. Cleaning

Once you have used the earthenware products, you can either clean it with warm water and gentle scrubber it is recommended to use coconut coir while washing the earthenware vessels as those hard scrubbers can strip away the glazing. If you want to do a deep cleaning of the vessels, you can soak the vessel or bottle in the sink overnight with warm water and few tablespoons of baking soda. Then wash it using coconut scrub or soft nonmetallic scrub in the morning. Never use any kind detergents to clean the earthenware products as the porous material will soak up the detergent leading to the soapy or unpleasant aftertaste and will leach to the water or food stored in the bottle or vessels.

3. Storing

Once you are done with these vessels not using it store it a place where you can reach it because you don't want to break it while taking it out. Always make sure that the bottle or the vessel is completely dried up before storage as you don't want those gross looking molds growing on your treasured beauties. Better if you can store your vessels and bottles in a well-lit, dry & ventilated place to avoid any mold growth. Also, don't change the temperature of the vessel or bottle too quickly as it may crack or breakage.

Glass Products

Recycled Glass

1. Cleaning

It is can be pretty difficult to clean glassware products as they demand high maintenance care you cant put them in the dishwasher as it may can always hand wash the glassware immediately after using to avoid any kind staining. Always use a mild soap and soft sponge to clean the glassware to avoid scratches on the surface and dry it with a microfiber towel.

Wine & Champagne glasses need exquisite care after usage as these delicate beauties of yours are very fragile. Always clean them with warm water, swirl it and rinse. A complete wash care instruction of wine & champagne glass is coming soon.

2. Storing

You can always store your glassware beauties in glass cabinet cupboards in your dining space to give a rustic look to your overall dining room. This will not only look good but eliminate the risk of breakage or tinting of glassware. Maintain a good distance of 3 cms between two products as the thinnest parts like rims and stems may chip away by clicking with each other or may scratch each other. You can also put paper plates or bubble wraps while storing the glassware to protect it the better way.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home & Office

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home & Office

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Vastu is an architecture that combines with nature and the other elements of nature- earth, sky, water, fire, and air to make an act of design. This system of building architecture has been used in India since ancient times to present times, it is also known as Vastu vidya. It is said when we build our homes and office with vastu we benefit not only health but also wealth, prosperity, spiritual calmness, better energy balance, etc

Vastu is ruled by the science of direction of aligning the five elements of nature and balance them with the man & the material.

Why Vastu Shastra is Important??

Vastu is an ancient science of architectural building of any kind of home, office,& temple. It makes the lives of the people living in it better by providing them comfort & good health. It also brings wealth, prosperity, harmony & balance. 

A man gets emotional advantages through Vastu in the kind of well being;  improves ones' relationships with oneself & others, it also unhitches tension reduces stress level and promotes health. All beings have five elements in them i.e, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, & Space Vastu help us benefit these natural elements for Healthy and harmonious living.

Tips for Home

vastu tips for home

Tip #1

Vastu Shastra is an old guide for a positive home, right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom.

The door of the house which is also considered as the archway of victory & progress in life should be constructed in a way that when you step out you should face the north-east should avoid painting the entrance door black and also a shoe rack or dustbin right outside the door.

Tip #2

Ideally, Vastu says the bedroom in a southwest direction of the house yields good health & prosperity. We should avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east part of the home as it may cause serious health issues or if the couples sleep in these rooms it may cause many quarrels among them. The bed should be kept in the southwest corner of your bedroom with your head facing west. One should avoid keeping mirrors or television in front of the bed as your reflection must not be seen in a mirror when in bed as it may cause domestic fights.

Tip #3

Brahmasthan or the center of your house is also considered the center of your nest. In this region, many powerful energies flow and are considered the most powerful and holiest area of your home.

Brahmasthan or the center of the house should be spotless and clutter-free. It should be built in the circumference of 1 to 1.5 meters and this circumference should not have any objects to block the flow of energy. It should not also have any obstruction or any build-up area. 

Tip #4

The living room of any Vastu amenable home should have the living room facing to the north of the home or east or the northeastern side. Vastu rules state that any ideal living room should be a north-facing living room. All the bulky furniture should be placed in the west or southern-west area of the living room. Any electronics and electronic appliances should be situated in the southeast part of the hall. If one wants to keep a mirror in the living space, it should be ensured it is placed on the northern section of the wall.

Tip #5 

Nature invariably brings a happy, pleasant element in your home, but flowers or plants which are dead, dried or withered can bring up an opposite impact on the people living in the home. This can also hinder the energy flow in the house. Carnations should not be kept inside the home as it brings bad luck to our home. These plants can be grown outside the home, either in the garden or on the terrace. Plants or cactus which has thorns should never be kept inside the house as it may cause interpersonal issues.

Tips for Office

vastu tips for office

Tip #1

Seating arrangement in Vastu Shastra plays a key role as the entrepreneur should facing east or north but the best is east as the sun rises from the east making the use the force for the financial growth. 

The marketing & sales team members should also sit facing north or northeast ensuring proactive work.

The financial staff should sit at the southeast corner facing north to ensure financial growth.

Tip #2

According to Vastu Shastra, the accountant of the company should sit at the south-east corner of the office facing the north-east direction for an increase in wealth.

Vastu direction which influences the financial prosperity is north & northeast. These directions are ruled by the element of water, which indicates a person's financial status. Also, many Vastu experts suggest placing a mirror or Kuber yantra on the northern section of the office to assure financial opportunity.

Tip #3

The reception area of the office should have a clear view of people coming into the office. The reception area of the office creates a long-lasting impression for first-time visitors. Hence, putting a bunch of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the reception desk will encompass the space with positive energies, which will attract prosperity.

07 February, 2020

Five Benefits of Aromatherapy Candles

“There is nothing more beautiful than the light of a Candle and the Aroma of its Heart”

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What is Aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy is a magical way of healing of body, mind & soul using aroma. It is used as an alternative therapy to help you improve & balance your emotional & physical health. It's just taking out some time for yourself relax and rejuvenate, to know oneself, to be heedful. Aromas affect our body very dynamically because it affects the olfactory sense which is the strongest sense of all. Aromas reach to the deepest parts of our brain which mainly controls the basic instincts, thoughts & emotion in our body. Few ayurvedic Doctors prescribe aromatherapy to there patients to help with emotional stress.

Why Aromatherapy ?

Essential oils that are used in aromatherapy are commonly extracted from different parts of plants and then refined. This highly concentrated oils can either be inhaled directly or indirectly or are applied to the body during the massage, bath or through lotions. It gives relief from anxiety and depression,  Improves the quality of life especially for those people with persistent health conditions. It helps those people who are sleep deprived or suffer from chronic insomnia. It eases body pain related to kidney stones and osteoarthritis of the knee. It also reduces the different symptoms of menstruation like pain, mood swings, nausea, etc. 

Why Munio Home Candle Aromatherapy?

Our range of eco-friendly Aromatherapy Candles is hand-poured by the master craftsmen, made of 100% pure soy and ingredients brought from Latvian fields and forests. With our candles give yourself a moment of quiet after an exhausting long day is a self-care must. Indulge yourself in the fragrances of brought to you from the meadows & wild forests of Europe. Soy wax has been used to make these eco-friendly hand-poured candles & they burn to illuminate the various ingredients added in them. Transform any space into a blissful meadow beside your consort & favorite wine or just a tranquil space for yourself.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Candles


Cold Flu Therapy

Nobody likes those unneeded cold & cough during the winter season but still once a while we do suffer from it. So Munio Home presents you Cinnamon & Clove Candle to help with cold & flu symptoms.

The sweet, peppery, and floral aroma of cinnamon will help you ease those blocked nasal, throat, cough and nasal pain as it has anti-bacterial properties. It strengthens your immunity making your body resistive of that unnecessary cold and flu, and let's be honest who doesn't love to enjoy cold weather with friends and family.

The sweet, spicy and high fruity tones of clove will help you ease not only with cold & congestion but also various other things like toothaches, clearing mucus from lungs, digestive problems, etc.

You can lit this candle and take a relaxing hot bubble bath to relax your nose congestion and also your body.


Stress and Anxiety management

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress & depression? Or it's been a long time you don't feel well, remain tired all day long, or have difficulty sleeping, or you are going through a lot of emotional stress, or you feel panicked all the time.

Then take a break to sit down with your lit a Munio Home raspberry and bilberry candle infused with nerve calming aroma of lavender or just flip the reeds of Munio Home Lavender Diffuser and let it do the magic.

Lavender has many amazing properties like it soothes the hyped-up nerves making you feel composed during a stressed situation. 

If you suffer from migraines this candle would surely help you a lot Inhaling lavender also helps to control mensuration symptoms like pain, nausea, mood imbalances, etc. 

It also helps in making your skin look more glowing and healthy let us be frank which women don't need help with skin problems & menses.


insomnia SymptomsDo you have sleeping problems? or you can't stay asleep for a long period? and have problems like tiredness, bad concentration, gastronomical problems due to that?

Then the best pro tip as the makers of aromatherapy candles we can give to kindle our Munio home Heather Candle & to take a long warm shower or a nice bubble bath and to indulge yourself the amazing aromas of heather & dream the world created by you.

The aroma of heather helps in sleeping disorder, cold & cough, also with any kind of discomfort you may have like muscle pain, anxiety or any kind of stress. The heather aroma is a great detoxifier, it helps you get rid of bacteria & unwanted fungus in the air. According to Scotland and European folklore this flower also increases good luck in your home so lit it & let the enchanting magic of the candle begin. 



Light a Scented Candle in the evening for a tranquil ambience, this aromatherapy candle will act as a great stress buster after a hectic day at work. The aroma of Juniper helps to overcome difficulties, laziness, Decreases aggression, and the heavenly aroma of Limonium also known as Sea lavender counters insomnia calms down, relaxes, lets you rest restores forces.

The aroma of this candle will help you to deepen the practice of your daily meditations with its delightful smell, which would make your mind calm and peaceful and spreads positivity around.

It also affects the seven spiritual chakras and enhances the energy of the five senses in your body which makes you feel more alive and active throughout the day. It will also help you concentrate and focus on your day to day activities.

So enlight this Munio Home juniper & Limonium candle, sit down with yourself and simply let the candle release it magic after a hectic day.


Scented Candles

In Indian culture, the marigold is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This particular flower has been associated a lot to Virgin mary hence it got the name "marigold".

In European folklore marigold is a bringer of good luck and wards of evil spirits and witchery. Marigold aroma is a herb that helps in the treatment of various diseases and keeps us healthy. Marigold aroma affects blood flow to the skin cells, provides antioxidant protection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. It also helps in aching joints arthritis or gout, by relaxing the muscles. 

So lit this candle and ward off those bad luck in your home and within you. The aroma of marigold not only wards of bad witchery spirits but also ward of insects and bugs from your house in older times farmers use to marigold as pesticides to protect there crops natural pesticides.

So, relish the wisdom of our ancestors.

30 January, 2020

8 Different Uses of Wine Glass

"A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world" - Louis Pasteur.

wine glass red

Wine glasses are also passed on to generation in many cultures especially in European culture. Like in India our mothers some pass on the family tradition, some jewelry but these are not just traditions or objects its heritage the love hidden in the traditions which we overlook.

We all love your old wine glasses some have cute memories related to it some gifted to us from our family friends but there are times when we get bored of these wines glass but we can't discard them so here are few tips and tricks you can reuse your old wine glass & revisit your memories every time you see them.

1. Flower Vase

wine glass online

A flower decoration can liven up any space, let's put some flowers in an old wine glass & Voila...Floral Elegance. 

You can put this flower arrangement anywhere in the dining space during a family dinner or a formal dinner with your friends and colleagues. Like I have put some cute bougainvillea vines in this pretty Munio Home wine glass and few candles for a magical evening dinner with my partner. Let others appreciate your clever crafty ideas.

2. Candies

wine glass white

Every kid wants to feel like an adult & every adult wants to feel like a kid. This Candy filled wine glass can make your kid feel like adults and also bring out the kid in you ...

You can also put these candy-filled wine glasses in your little one's birthday parties just be careful they don't indulge themselves too much in it, no parents like sugar-high kids.

But for a party with friends and family, you can fill this glass with vodka-soaked jelly bears something for adults.

3. Desserty Glass

Desserts in wine glass

Fill this glass with excellent chocolate mousse and have a simple dessert in style.

Before eating any meal our eyes devour it first, and our brain decides whether it will taste good or not, so presentation is the key.

You can simply put a simple brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream & loads of chocolate sauce to make a pretty sundae for your kids to enjoy on a special day, Treat them with this. See enchantment...!!

4. Smoothies

red wine glass

Have a healthy life drink a milky or fruity smoothie in the morning in the wine glass and keep in a classy way of life.

We all love having a milkshake in the morning or on a sunny afternoon just put some milk, ice, and a flavoring agent like fruits or chocolate syrups. You can also serve milkshakes in a non-alcohol party like a baby shower or this pretty munio home flutes to your guests.

5.Soupy Fun Bowl

white wine glass

Dish up any kind of cold veggie soup in this beautiful wine glass and enjoy a stylish healthy style. Make a simple tomato soup on summer afternoon from those freshly plucked tomatoes in your garden and enjoy a  cold sweet-tangy tomato soup in the dinner. It is a very refreshing appetizer to have before dinner and its best to enjoy your organically homegrown tomatoes. And to be honest, everybody is going to love it in your dining table especially the style of serving it.

6. Cocktail Stick Server

wine glass white

Serve those crispy breadsticks or cheese sticks in this very delicate wine glass in a cocktail party. You can serve quirky lavash hummus as a dip during a catchup party in your house it will look uber classy and a perfect way to impress your guests.

You can also serve soup sticks in this Munio home wine glass during a formal dinner party & make a lasting impression on your friend & guests. It's all about being eco-sassy.

7. Wine Terranium

wine glass price

You can put a cool terrarium in an old wine glass just fill it with sand, soil some pebbles with any air plant you think will look good. You can add this little greenery to your apartment, to not only make it look green but it also acts as a cute decorative item.

8. Candle Stand

wine glass set

Do you have many wine glasses that you don't use than just keep a candle in it and enjoy your candlelight dinner in a more voguish way.

I have turned a Munio home eco-friendly wine glass upside down and filled it with some floral vines and kept a Munio Home Soy Cinnamon Candle to enjoy a perfect romantic dinner with him. And let me tell you its worth it to give him these little surprises. It's all keeping the fire alive.

Five Winter Tips

five winter tips

Warm Candles, Good Books, Soft Pillows, Cozy Blankets, Hot Coffees & Fine companionship are the few things we all want every winter.

All winter we try to keep ourselves warm & comfortable in our homes. Munio Homes has a huge range of products to help you keep our home winter ready.

We have listed down some winter tips with which you can make cozier & pleasant. 

Tip 1: Aroma Candle

Lit our soy-based eco-friendly Cinnamon or clove candle and fill your home with the sooting sweet- spicy aroma of spices. These aromas will not only make your home smell good but also give you many other health benefits like the aroma of cinnamon will provide you with stress-relieving properties and anti-inflammatory agents. It also has antirheumatic agents it eases the muscles, helps you relax your aching joints. It aids with the cold, congested nose and other flu symptoms. The aroma of cinnamon helps to relax your mind & soul not just your body, it also boosts immunity and enhances memory. The aroma of clove will loosen the knots you have toiled on your body and mind. It eases headaches and body aches to relax your exhausted mind from the wintery cold.

Scented candles

Tip 2: Cozy Pillows 

We all love pillows these cute, cozy fuzzy little things are a great companion for movies, reading books, enjoying coffee, or just simply relaxing. 

You can put loads of pillows on a window seat where you can nestle in wintery days with a cup of hot cocoa or your fav latte or hazelnut Cappuccino. Also during the rainy season, you can unwind while watching rain splattering outside & listen to the tunes of nature. And during a good sunny day, you can just put a chair filled with pillows near a pool with a novel and a great drink in your hand. Every setting is incomplete without some great cushion, it doesn't only add warmth but also adds colour. And these linen pillows are hypoallergenic this means during the flu season you won't have unnecessary tirey sneezing fits in the morning, so no destroyed morning.


Tip 3: Baskets 

Munio home baskets are highly versatile it stores all, what you want to keep in it?

You can put this basket near your couch and keep a blanket in it so during those late-night movies you are not cold or during any wintery day when you are relaxing on the couch you can just extend your hand and wrap yourself in a warm, fuzzy blankie.

It can also be used to store different kinds of fruits as those winter fruits provide you with all the nutrition you need to keep those cold & cough at bay. Fruit baskets look good in any space it adds loads of colour to any setting and also it tempts us to eat more fruits. Just grab a fruit on the go and stay healthy all winter.

If you love knitting you can also store your woollen yarn and sit on the couch and knit with your hobby basket. Knitting is just not a hobby but also when you gift someone a hand-knitted sweater or a cardigan it brings a smile on their face let's all agree nothing is better than a personalized gift.

Stainless Steel

Tip 4: Clay Bottles

During winters we all try to keep our skin moisturized & healthy by putting loads of moisturizers. But we forget that we need to keep our body hydrated from insides too.

Clay bottles keep the warm water warm and it's an eco-friendly way to store water.

Drinking warm water in winters it helps with body pains, menstrual cramps & other body spasms, as warm water calms our muscles and helps elevate the pain. It also boosts your immunity against winter flu, cold and other allergies, improves metabolism of the body.

It helps you to keep your skin glowing as drinking water removes loads of toxins and keeps skin hydrated, it increases the blood circulation in the body hence making skin healthier.

So store water in this eco vogue bottle and get healthier skin, hair, and body.

Clay Bottles

Tip 5: Cups

Love sipping hot chocolate on wintery nights or Cappuccino in the morning or teas in the evening, whatever you like this handmade, glass cup will surely add a magical charm to all. As the cup is made up of glass which is a heat resistive material, it will keep your tea warm for a longer period.

tea cups

Five Hacks for Your Eco-Friendly Homes

Eco-friendly, Eco-kitchen, eco-candles, go green. candles,

"Actions are louder than words, louder than your complaints.”

½ a million animals die in Australian bush fire, ⅓ rd of the Amazon forest burns down, the glaciers melt and the soil continues to erode while you sit in an air-conditioned room complaining about how unbreathable air has become. Humans have always been dependent on nature but when nature goes down, humans will too. So instead of complaining while you contribute to the destruction of nature, put forth an effort to save it, act wisely. 

So here are some hacks for your green homes.


eco-friendly, eco- products, linen, cotton

Throw away the cheap synthetic home furniture you own. Go for organic dyed locally woven fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Wool, Hemp, etc. which will not only add a rustic vibe to your place but also free nature and your place of toxins.

Munio Home Textile range is all about the love with which your grandmas did knitting. She silently knitted the yarns to make those beautiful afghans. Wrap yourself up in sweet memories & motherly care with Munio Home Woven products, it consists of Blankets, Kimonos, Pillowcases, etc.

Munio home has a world of rustic linens for your beautiful heaven. Weavers weave wisdom and folklore of there ancestor and yarns which beautifully twist into a fabric bringing you all those fables. The linen fabric ensures comfort and healing qualities which are very important for bedding purposes. Munio Home linen range consists of bedding, Duvets, Table clothes, Runners, Napkins & many more.


eco-kitchen, eco-cutlery, eco-products,

Get rid of plastic such as Teflon, Polyvinyl, etc and adopt conventional and pollution-free methods and utensils. The usage of CFC emitting refrigerators could be avoided or minimized by cooling water in clay pots.

Munio Home eco-friendly Clay Bottle crafted from the clay of the river Rauna. The Crafters of this beautiful product are making clay items for ages perfecting their pottery skills. Once a product is created it is perfectly glazed by the skilled masters and baked in an oven to completion. This Clay Bottles will provide you with the healing of elements of the earth.

You can go old grandma style by using wooden cookware and cutleries like using Wooden knives, Spoons & Forks will add a unique allure to your dining experience. 

Munio Home cutleries are crafted from ash wood The master craftsmen of Latvia, crafts beautiful cutleries & the wood speaks the lores thousand years old when you enjoy your meal with it. Eating from ash wood provides various health benefits like easy digestion as it has mild diuretic properties. 


candles, soy candles, scented candles, green candles

Usage of petroleum-free candles would help you get better sleep and would also bring you a little peace. Light a scented candle in the evening for a tranquil ambiance, this aromatherapy will act as a great stressbuster after a hectic day at work.

With the range of Munio home, eco-friendly Candle gives yourself a moment of quiet after exhausting long Day. Indulge yourself in the fragrances, brought to you from the meadows & wild forests of Europe. Soy wax has been used to make this eco-friendly hand-poured candles & they light to illuminate the various ingredients added in them. Transform any space into a blissful meadow beside your consort & favorite wine or just a tranquil space for yourself. 


eco-works, handmade, support talent

Craftsmen have gone unnoticed for a very long time despite their eco-friendly methods and the utter hard work that they put in to save a place's culture. While you support nature and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can also help them earn a livelihood and save your own culture.


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With the help of a little soil and unused jars and bottles, you can plant flowers, shrubs, etc which will not only purify the air you breathe but also fill the empty spaces in your flat. Having a selfless plant buddy that helps you grow is always better than selfish human buddies.

Five Uses Of Clay Bowl

uses of clay bowl

When I first saw this enormous Clay bowl I fell in love with it, artistic and the earthy coolness it had, overall it determined "simplicity at its best".

The most exciting part was this bowl was handcrafted in Europe & when I swept my fingers on it every inch of the bowl was telling me little stories of itself.

Munio home brings you the magical power of the earth with their earthenware range. The potters mold the earthenware products from the clay of the mystical river Rauna. The Crafters of these beautiful products are making clay pieces for ages perfecting their skills. The skilled hands of the potter turn this beautiful clay into a fine earthenware, fire hardens it & then it is glazed to perfection. This beautiful earthenware collection tells you the lore of earth it is made from, the river which bears it, and the skillful hands which molded them. Our Earthenware products consist of Bottles, Cups, Salad bowls, Dinner Plates, etc.

The bowl compelled me to bring it home, but it was too challenging for me to use it because of its size and after consistent experiments. Here are a few ways in which you can also use it.

1. Healthy Salad Bowl

You can make a large bowl of healthy salad to go with your everyday lunch or dinner for your entire family. The width of this clay bowl enables you to mix your salad properly, and also to add as many ingredients you want. Adding a portion of greens in your everyday meals not only adds fibers to your diet but also reduces bad cholesterol in your body, and maintains the blood sugar levels. A sufficient amount of fibers can help in weight loss and maintain good body weight, it also improvises the bowel movement and helps to prevent bowel related diseases. Eating a good amount of salads balances the ph level of the body as most of the oily, junkie and restaurant food we eat is highly acidic so it balances the ph of your body and keeps many health problems at bay.

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2. Fruit Bowl 

You can keep loads of whole fruits in this Clay bowl, put it up in your dining table & carry fruit on the go or have it for a snack. Keeping this Munio Home Clay fruit bowl in your dining table not only looks good and adds a home decor element in your dining room but also makes you eat more fruit. Fresh fruits are packed with fiber, antioxidants and extra many nutrients. Moreover, studies reveal that eating whole fruits provides you with other food group's potential health benefits, as it helps in preventing heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. Many vitamins like Vitamin-c rich fruits are essential for the growth and restoration of many of the body tissues, helps cure cuts and wounds, and maintains healthy teeth and gums. Many fruits are rich in potassium may help in maintaining healthy blood pressure.


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3. Entertainment Bowl

We all had that lazy movie nights when we like to curl up with our whole family in our favorite blankets, pillows, classic movies like Titanic or Godfather series and a huge bowl of homemade popcorn in your hands. This Munio Home clay bowl is a good bowl of all our family requirements. Just fill this clay bowl and you are done no need to get up in between the movies to refill the bowls. And most of us think that popcorn is a bad snack for movies as they are high in salt & sodium content. But most of us also don't make it at home. Homemade popcorn is not only rich in fiber but also your homemade popcorn is low in salt, sodium and doesn't contain that added preservatives. They are a good source of protein and many other vitamins and minerals mainly calcium.

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4. Chip And Dip

This Munio home clay bowl can hold a good amount of any kinds of chips, nachos, pita chips or any other snacks you like to dip and eat.  It also allows you to keep those yummy healthy cheesy dips in the bowl itself. It is a magnificent bowl to keep all kinds of chips and dip snacks for your eco-elegant parties. Be it entertaining a party of those health-conscious adults or a party of those little picky eating kids nothing can beat chips and dips, everybody loves it and it is highly versatile, easy to prepare a snack for any party.

Make it healthy chip and dip bowl with fruits and veggies or make a junky bowl of nachos and queso or a desserty bowl of chocolate and many other fruits to go with it. Anyways they are an absolute crowd-pleaser.

clay bowl, clay bowls, clay products, clay pots, clay pots

5. Urali Design

And the end when you are not using this Munio Home eco-friendly Clay bowl in your kitchen or as a fruit bowl in your dining table, then you can also use this Clay bowl as a centerpiece for your table in the living room. It will act as a great eco-friendly home decor element, and also add color to your living space. Just fill this bowl with any colorful flowers you like and add water to it, Voila..!! A great work of art is ready. You can also fill this bowl with mix and match of flowers and eco-friendly soy wax candles(You can also check out our range of Munio Home Candles for a good ambiance in your house parties, it will not only keep our home feel fresh and smell welcoming but will also let your guests feel relaxed.

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And these are my ways of using Munio Home Clay Bowl.What is yours?? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

03 January, 2020

Five Benefits of Using Clay Bottle

clay bottle, Clay water bottle, earthen clay bottle

Do you remember those days when you used to come home from the scorching evening of hot summers.

Taking out a chilled bottle of water from the fridge, seizing a swig and your mom shouting from the other end of the hall "After coming home from hot weather,
consuming water from Clay Pots.".As a child, I never cared for her yelling but as an adult, I need to. But to my surprise drinking water from clay bottles provide our body with amazing earthy healing properties.

This eco-friendly Munio Home Clay Bottle is crafted from the clay of the river Rauna. The Crafters of this beautiful product are making clay items for ages perfecting their pottery skills. Once a product is created it is perfectly glazed by the skilled masters and baked in an oven to completion.

Here are a few health benefits of drinking water from Munio home clay bottles and why it's a must-have product to have it in your home?

1. Soothing to Throat

If you are a person who is prone to cold & cough or has asthma, but loves to sip on cold water. Then this eco-friendly clay bottle is the best option you can have, as it cools the water based on the climatic conditions, in fact, better than that pricey climate-intelligent refrigerator you bought from a store. Is your intelligent refrigerator this smart? No, right.


2. Improves Metabolism

Clay bottles increase the minerals of the water, which enhances digestion thus improving the metabolism. Whereas those cheap plastic bottles only seep cancer-causing chemicals into your water. It moreover helps in keeping testosterone levels balanced, as opposed to plastic, which in turn brings down body testosterone levels. So, What you want a great metabolism or life taking cancer? Obvious metabolism who wants life-threatening cancer. If you are working on losing weight then drink more water as it increases the metabolism by 30% in an hour ( according to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism). It could be the beginning of a new, healthier you only thing you need to do is to fill your newly bought Munio Home Clay Bottle & go!! 

clay bottle - metabolism

3. Balances pH levels

Clay is an alkaline nature. The alkaline clay reacts with the acridness of water and provides the proper pH balance. This water is good for your health and its soothes acidity and other gastronomical pains. Many types of research have been done on this property of clay.

It's a great thing for the people who usually have gastronomical problems. A study implies that drinking alkaline ionized water may benefit people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.Even if there is a shortage of proven scientific analysis, alkaline water is still believed to have many other health benefits. Which includes: anti-aging properties,colon-cleansing properties, improving the immune system, skin health, and other detoxifying properties.

Clay water Bottle Benefits

4. Self-cooling

The surface of the clay is porous. When we store water in clay bottle the porous surface helps it to cool the water through the process of vaporization. The Heat & moisture maintains a dynamic equilibrium to cool the water eliminating the use of refrigerators. It's not just cool, it's self-cool. Exercise increases your body temperature whereas sweating reduces the core temperature of your body to balance it. However, when the body perspires it loses a fair amount of water and electrolytes with it. Drinking cold water lowers your body’s core temperature to help preserve water.

Earthen Clay Water Bottle

5. Prevents Heat Stroke

We all have suffered from heat stroke at some point in our life, and we all try to avoid having a sunstroke. It's better to drink waterstored in a clay bottle with enriched minerals and nutrients which keeps the glucose levels in your body balanced preventing strokes.

Keep this clay bottle with you every time during summers and keep those sunstrokes away.

Clay Products - ReducesHeatstroke

So, I hope now you know why our m and grandma used to scold us to not drink refrigerated water but to drink water from clay vessels.

Earnestly Moms know the best .!!

24 December, 2019