9 Different Types of Wine Glasses

9 Different Types of Wine Glasses

types of wine glasses and their names

Are you a wine enthusiast? or you just love sipping wines in the comfort of your home? Every wine needs a perfect wine glass which is made for it. Most of the people just have two or three kinds of wine glasses at home, which is more or less sufficient for a household but what you want to take that experience to a new level. Then you must learn about different types of wine glass made for those exquisite wine.

Table Of Contents

  1. Bordeaux wine glass
  2. Cabernet wine glass
  3. Rose wine glass
  4. Chardonnay wine glass
  5. Viognier wine glass
  6. Sparkling wine glass
  7. Port wine glass
  8. Sherry wine glass
  9. Vintage wine glass

Bordeaux Wine Glass

bordeaux red wine

These red wine glasses have earned a reputation of being one of the tallest red wine glasses, with much small bowl than most of the other wine glass. Bordeaux wine glass is perfect for full-bodied wine like Merlot or Cabernet, its shape ensures that you will have a great wine experience. As this wine glass is tall, it travels directly to the back of your mouth which ensures that you would taste the amazing wine. 

Cabernet Wine Glass

cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Wine glass is one tallest of all red wine glass, with a much wider bowl which is specially created to enhance the aroma of the wine. This is also a reason which allows your delicate wine to breathe properly. It is very important that when you are sipping wine from this glass you don’t want to overfill it as if it affects the taste, smell, and enjoyment of the wine. Wine should be pored in smaller amounts to ensure that wine is completely aerated when you drink it.

Rose Wine Glass

rose glasses wine Rose glasses have a longer stem which makes sure that you don't heat the wine from your hand. There are two types of rose wine glasses one with a small bowl and a flared lip and another one with a smaller bowl and tapered lips. Both of them are fine for drinking wine, but mostly flared lip glass is preferred to drink younger wines. Younger wines are generally less sweet than the aged ones and hence, the flared lip will directly hit wine to your sensitive taste buds.

Chardonnay Wine Glass

chardonnay white wine A good Chardonnay glass will be similar in shape to a pinot noir wine glass but little smaller, which makes it perfect for younger white wines which you enjoy on the side and tip of your tongue. This will let you enjoy the sweetness of the young wines which otherwise may not seem so sweet when drinking from a larger mouth glass. The chardonnay wine glass has a pretty wider bowl with the top that only narrows a little bit. This particular shape of the glass ensures that you enjoy the warmth and the deliciousness of the wine.

Viognier Wine Glass

viognier wine The viognier wine glass has a smaller bowl than any other sweet wine glass and a more open rim, this is because the wine should not come in contact with the air. As the wine when coming in contact with the air, oxygen can instantly destroy the well-prized aromas of it. The wine drunk in this glass should be a little sweeter, hence the shape of the glass can offer you the best drinking experience. You don't need to worry about losing those amazing floral notes of the wine when you choose this wine glass.

Vintage Wine Glass

vintage crystal wine glass A vintage wine glass adds a lot of charm to your drinking experience, but this particular wine glass is not the best one to drink wine from. These glasses are not typically designed to improve any flavor or that aroma of the wine you would love to enjoy. So drinking wine out of these glasses may make it taste better than others, mostly if you love experimenting with the taste and aromas of the wine than you should go for it. Even after knowing these many people prefer drinking wine from it as it creates happy memories.

Sparkling Wine Glass

sparkling wine types

Sparkling Or Champagne wine glass is much smaller than the other white wine glass and perfectly straight. This particular shape helps the glass to hold the carbonated wine and allows it to move on your tongue. Also, this wine glass ensures that your wine doesn't go flat, and the narrow mouth allows those delicious aromas to flow up. The wider base of the wine glass makes sure that you don't tip over or spill the champagne, you don't want to destroy your dress in the middle of a party.

Port Wine Glass

port wine drinking glasses A Traditional port wine glass is a smaller and much thinner when compared to a Bordeaux wine glass, but both have a similar shape. A port glass can mostly hold up to 177 ml to 350 ml of wine, you shouldn't overfill your wine glass. Fill your glass halfway, if you want to enjoy your port wine or a dessert wine, to ensure you enjoy the aromas of beautiful dessert wine. Most of the port wines or dessert wine are stronger than with an alcohol content of 20% and with concentrated aromas.

Sherry Wine Glass

sherry glass

A sherry wine glass is specifically made to hold and serve sherry is mostly drunk in between a meal as a palate cleanser. These glasses have a very similar shape to that of a port wine glass. They usually have a longer stem to ensure the quality of the drink remains the same while being drunk and has a very small opening for a mouth. This small opening directs the aromas of sherry wine to your nose and mainly ensures that you can experience the smallest refinements of delicious sherry. Also, you can invest in lead-free glass decanter as it helps to remove any kinds sediments present in the wine. Also, you can invest in a lead-free glass decanter as it helps you remove any kinds of sediments present in the wine. Sediments are often present in an aged wine-like full-bodied red wines or dessert wines, as they age tannin's and other color pigmentation's fall out and form sediments. Also, it helps in aeration of the wine which is very important to enhance the flavors and aromas of it. Why don't you get all these wine glasses for you elegant minibar and a perfect decanter make sure they all are lead-free & handcrafted with love.

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28 May, 2020

5 Best Eco- Friendly Summer Tips

healthy summer tips

Summers have always witnessed the best times of our lives as a kid. When one thinks of summers, they're reminded of waking up early to birds chirping, the elder ones in the house chattering, and the best feeling of having completed an eight-hour sleep. However, along with the chirping birds, beautiful sunsets, and pleasant mornings, summers also foster the growth of bacteria, increases risks of dehydration, upset stomach, heatstroke, Bacterial infection, etc. It is great if we make sure to eat right and exercise to avoid summer health issues. An increase in fluids in one's daily diet is important to prevent dehydration. Summer drinks and ice creams have been a tradition amongst families and also help to prevent dehydration. Health is wealth and hence, it should be taken care of whilst enjoying summers. Here are some healthy summer tips for you to tackle those rising temperatures, with a replenished skin and physical body.

Hydration is the Key

hydration is key to our survival

During these hot summer months with all those heavy sweating and heat. Our bodies can get dehydrated at a very faster pace, and this can cause some serious issues like feeling dizzy, hyperthermia, rapid heartbeat, etc. So yes hydration is the key, drinking loads of water is extremely important as it helps our body to function normally also ensuring good levels of electrotypes in your body. Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and don't sip on extremely cold fridge water. It's better to drink water from clay bottles as it keeps water at a cooler temperature. You can refer to the full benefits of clay bottles, here.

Eat Healthy Fruits & Vegetables

healthy fruits & vegetables

We live in a most technologically advanced era where most of us can get all the fruits and vegetables all around the year. But eating those seasonal fruits and vegetables has there own benefits. Even various studies showed that eating seasonal fruits and vegetables benefits us by providing our bodies with the required vitamins and minerals needed for that particular season. For example, orange is a winter fruit, rich in vitamin C which is very needed in winters to tackle cold & cough. Whereas watermelon is summer fruit rich in water and carotenoids which is very needed in summer. So load up your Fruit bowl with fresh Plums, Mangoes, Berries, Peaches, etc. 

Downsize & Cooling Meals

In this hot weather, it gets difficult for one's body to digest heavy meals as it takes longer for our body to digest the food we eat. So it's better to go for lighter meals with loads of salad on the side to go with. If you love eating hot and spicy food, then you should stay away from those spicy meals as it may cause hyper acidity and other gastronomical problems. You can load up your meals with more cooling & hydrating foods like watermelons, coconut water, cucumber & mint-infused water, buttermilk, etc. If you love binging on fried foods then its best to avoid it and go for a lighter snack option such as trail mix, granola bars nuts, etc.

Choose Fruit Juice Over Drinks

summer healthcare tips

Summers are the time we love drinking and filling our bodies with all those yummy liquids we can lay our hands-on. But its always way better to have fruit juices instead of drinking those carbonated drinks which are high in sugar and calories. Fruit or vegetable smoothies are a great way to be healthy in summer but you should also try to look out on those healthy smoothies. Many a time those smoothies are decked with ice creams and heavy yogurts which are high in calorie content. A great option for this is to grab on to a bowl of a healthy vegetable and fruit mixed smoothie, which is low on sugar.

Take Cold Showers

take a cold showers

Summer is a season where is everything is great except for those unwanted prickly heats and bacterial infection. So it's better to keep hygiene our next priority after keeping our bodies hydrated at all times. Showers play a crucial role in reducing our core body temperature and making you feel refreshed. You can also try washing your hands & feet with cold water before going to sleep. A cold shower doesn't only prevent potential growth of bacteria but also refines one's skin and hair, stimulates weight loss, and improves immunity. 

Benefits of Burning Soy Wax Candles

What is Soy Wax?

soy candle benefits

Soy wax is a wax derived from a vegetable Soy, primarily the oil of soybean is used in the making of the candle. Once the soybeans are harvested, it is cleaned, cracked, dehulled, and pressed to convert it to flakes. Then these flakes are used to extract oil, which is further hydrogenated. Hydrogenation of an oil is the process of converting the fatty acids in the oil from unsaturated to saturated, which increases the melting point of the soy oil, so it's in a solid-state at room temperature. There are many benefits of using soy wax candles which we will learn as we go further.

How Soy Candles are Made?

organic soy candle wax

These pretty soy wax candles are made from the hydrogenated soy oil, as it's in solid-state it is converted into flakes. Once the candle maker has decided exactly what kind of candle he requires, with what ingredients, and lastly with what aromas. Then he gathers his supplies, firstly the wax is heated up in a double boiler until it's melted, then the essential oil is added for aroma. A votive or a container is selected, then the wick is placed in the bottom of the containers, before pouring the wax the candle maker decides the look of the candle and adds few ingredients like flower petals, cinnamon sticks, etc. Once hardened overnight one can use the candle for its own or for gifting purposes.

5 Health Benefits of Soy Wax

handmade soy wax candle

1. Long - lasting

When buying soy-based candles you must have noticed it is quite expensive, but comparing its burn time its noting compared to paraffin wax. Munio home candles( big candles) have a burn time of whooping 50 hours, this is because soy wax has a low melting point. As soy wax has low melting compared to other candle wax like beeswax or paraffin. This means when soy wax burns it would be cooler, compared to others. And an elongated life of a candle means you can enjoy it for a longer time.

2. Natural

As soy wax is extracted from soybeans- a natural, renewable source that can be cultivated anywhere. Whereas paraffin wax which is made petroleum, and as we all know petroleum is a nonrenewable source and it contains many cancer-causing agents and other harmful substances which can affect our body. And lastly the most amazing part soy wax is biodegradable and can be cleaned using the most convenient method of cleaning water and soap. Whereas other waxes like paraffin won't and this plays a major factor in choosing soy-based candles.

3. Cleaner

When Soy candles are burnt they don't release any kind carcinogens or cancer-causing agents, zero toxins, or any other pollutant and most importantly no petro shoots. Whereas when paraffin candles are burnt it releases petro shoots which can cause cancer, many other pollutants, and toxins. Hence soy-based candles are a great option for those who love a candle glow or the aroma candle but are allergic to candle shoots, especially asthmatic patients. Also, it doesn't harm our environment by releasing any toxins in the air.

4. Better Scent

As we learned earlier that soy wax candles burn cleaner than paraffin wax, the aromas released from the added essential oils are much stronger and pleasant than those of synthetic scent-based paraffin candles. Nowadays it's very common to hear complaints of a headache when paraffin candles are burnt, but what they don't realize is not because of the candles but because of synthetic scents added in them. Soy wax candles give more benefits over the petroleum-based paraffin candles which people don't even realize.

5. Easy to Clean

Cleaning Candle spills is a nasty thing if you love to lit candles every day in the evening after a tough day at the office or while enjoying wine with your spouse, or during a nice bubble bath. But compared to paraffin wax spills soy wax spills are easy to clean as it only requires soap and water. Once the wax has spilled let it harden up, scrape off the excess wax with a blunt knife( ( you don't want to scratch that expensive wooden table), and then clean it with hot water and little soap.

14 May, 2020

Best Aroma Diffusers for your Bathroom | Diffusers Online

diffusers with essential oils

Who won't like to have the relaxation of a spa at home? Do you want to make your home more of tranquil heaven? Then try adding oil diffusers in your bathroom, the magical aromas will turn your bathroom into an oasis. The benefits of oil diffusers have been known to mankind for ages, it has been well studied throughout history. From calming nerves to reducing stress to ensure better sleep and many more. What is the greatest part of using oil diffusers in your bathroom is, it lets you enjoy your daialy routines like shower, brushing, etc. Here, are few more benefits of using essential oil diffusers in your bathroom.

Benefits Of Essential Oil Diffusing In Your Bathroom

Let's think of everything that happens in a bathroom- Shower, brushing teeth, washing hands, using the toilet. A bathroom is a place where we tend to spend quite a good amount of time, then why not beautify it. By adding essential oil diffuser in your bathroom, you give it a new touch of life.

Essential oil diffusers, when diffused in the air, can purify the atmosphere as many essential oils can eradicate airborne bacteria and eliminate the growth of fungi. Which will make your bathroom cleaner and more appealing place in your home.

Reed Diffusers is the safest option to add aromatherapy in your bathroom than candles or incense. Candles are romantic, an enjoyable thing to add in your bathroom but don't forget the accidental spills or fire hazards. The aromas of essential oils don't cause any headaches or allergies which a synthetic aroma may cause. Aroma diffusers are far more powerful than any other aromatherapy choice. Diffusers have highly concentrated essential oil when compared to candles and incense, which helps you attain the maximum benefits of such aromatherapy at your home.

Best four Diffusers for Bathroom

Here are the four best essential oil diffuser to use in your bathroom. 

Rose Diffusers

rose flower diffuser

Rose essential oil has been considered a luxury for centuries, known for its magical healing properties. Rose oil diffusers can bring the spirit of a Rose garden in your bathroom. Rose aroma tends to make any space into a calming one, it will you to do your daily routines in peace and relaxation. Rose essential oil has been known for ages for its healing essence and a mighty blend of vitamin, minerals, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Hence, when rose oil is diffused in air it purifies the air by removing toxins and also from your bloodstream when you inhale it.

Heather Diffusers

Best Essential Oil Diffusers in 2020

Heather oil diffusers have a delicate aroma of flowers that would send you for a walk in a Scottish moor. Heather oils have mystic properties of being good in urinary antiseptic and diuretic, it also disinfects the urinary tract and also mildly increases urine production in one's body. This oil is especially beneficial to women who tend to suffer more from urinary tract infection. Heather oil has great detoxifying properties, which helps you to get rid of unwanted bacteria and fungi in the bathroom atmosphere.

Cinnamon Diffusers

cinnamon room diffuser

Cinnamon is a spice that is always associated with holiday season merry memories of family gathering up at a table and eating a feast together. Cinnamon oil diffuser is well known for its mood enchanting power, it can create a serene, calm, and cozy bathroom space. One study shows that cinnamon oil can be efficiently used as a disinfectant in a hospital type-setting. Cinnamon oil is praised as a natural cure for cold, cough, and constipation making it a great diffuser to be used during winters.

Marigold Diffusers

Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Buy in 2020

Marigold flower is a symbol of celebrations and also coveys a message " I will comfort your grieving heart". Since it is associated with Mother mary, this flower is also considered as a protection from evil and a bringer of good luck. Marigold Essential oil Diffuser has a great ability to stimulate tissue repair generation and a body secretion that improves the elasticity of the skin. According to Ayurveda, marigold oil also helps in gynecological problems, like mensuration discomfort, excessive bleeding, etc. Since ages marigold flowers are considered an insect repellent, making it a must-have in you

07 May, 2020

Linen Fabric | Care Instructions for Linen Tablecloths & Napkins

Tips to take care of your Linen

care of linen

Linen is a fabric that gets softer with every wash, and that's the beauty of this fabric. Linen is made from flax stems fibers, and it been used for thousands of years only by royalties. Products like Tablecloths, napkins, sheets made from linen are often passed on to the next generation by grandmothers and mothers. Most of the time people think linen needs special care but the fact it is very easy to care for this fabric. So, we are here equipping with few tips and tricks to wash & store your those lovely tablecloths, or bed linen, etc.

Cleaning Tips & Trick

If you want to wash your linen Tablecloths, napkin, pillow covers in dry cleaning, then read the instruction properly before giving it to your dry cleaner. Mostly structured products like line Blazers, Suits, etc need to through the dry cleaning process as regular washing may destroy its shape. Always try to do a wash test of your product before giving it for washing as colors may bleed while washing, or it may shrink after washing. So it is better if you test a piece of the fabric beforehand.

You don't have much time to wash your linen and simply want to throw them in the washing machine, & let it do the hard work for you. Turn the wash cycle into a gentle setting, and use the maximum level of water available in your machine. Always wash our linen with lukewarm water, use mild detergents to clean it, & never add any kind of bleaching liquid. Don't overcrowd your wash cycle at one point of time as it can pull & twist the yarns making your fabric look out of shape. Wash like colors together as many linen products tend to bleed you don't want to destroy that precious family tablecloth.

If you have planned to hand wash that delicate linen then wash in it in a swish motion. Don't wring the fabric or twist it or scrub it with a brush it may destroy the weave structure of the fabric. If you have a soiled tablecloth or napkins its best to handwash it as machine wash may destroy its structure to a greater extent. Wine spills or accidental food dirt can be cleaned easily with few spoons of diluted warm vinegar, don't scrub it. Always read the wash care instruction before washing your linen garments or linen fabrics. If you have bought a pre-washed linen product like our stonewashed tablecloths and napkins it might shrink a bit after your first wash.

Storage Tips

storage ideas

Before storing your linen you must dry your linen properly, as molds may grow on it. Don't wring your linen garments, after washing as I have already mentioned it may damage the weave. Just simply flat dry linen items try not to use clothespins or hangers as they may leave marks on the fabric. If you a pre-washed linen fabric you can tumble dry it on low temperatures and remove it when its slightly damp and air dry it.

Once it's completely dried you can fold your linen, and keep them a cool dry place. Avoid any kind of boxes, plastic bags, or any packaging which won't your fabric to breathe. If you have bought Munio Home linen you would see we give a fabric bag with it, if you want can store your linens in the bags. Linen has an inbuilt quality of being insect repellent,  so don't worry yourself with that insect repellent.  If you love ironed clothes, bed linens, tablecloths & napkins, then sorry to say to all those you don't need to iron linen garments as that crease and the crushed look is the beauty of linen. Linen is a magical fabric if you can care for it the longer the life of garments will be.

Corona : How Nature is Reclaiming the Lost Space as Humans have Confined themselves Indoor due to Lockdown.


save nature

Coronavirus or Covid19 the worst pandemic, which has sickened more than two million people (still counting) and caused death to more than one hundred eight thousand people around the globe. Citizens have been forced to stay indoors to protect themselves. Amid all this mother nature took a new turn to bloom herself, we saw her reclaim lands, we got to see animals roaming freely around in many cites. With rivers & oceans getting cleaner the aquatic life grew, as various factories have been shut down air is getting cleaner it's like our mother earth is taking a deep sigh of relief.



Lockdown has served well to Nature, water bodies throughout the world are getting more cleaner and letting the aquatic life to grow further. In India, we saw river Ganges getting clearer due to less human intervention and factories shutting down due to nationwide lockdown. In the city of Mumbai, there were sites of dolphins coming back and running across the coastal line without any barriers. The city of love, Venice is known for its breathtaking canals but due to heavy boat the canals always remained murky also saw it getting cleaner and fishes bubbling around.


save animals

Where humans made themselves scare due to worldwide lockdown, animals are wondering did we go? Fauna life is flourishing throughout the world, they are taking small steps to explore the world beyond there boundaries. Sika deers were spotted outside there natural habitat in the streets of Nara, Japan. In Yosemite national park famous for its bears has also spotted bears coming to parks and having a party of there own. In India, peacocks are been spotted in the neighborhood, also Civet was reported to have used the zebra crossing to pass the road. And the famous Olive ridley Turtles has been spotted resting on the coast of Odisha.


Save Trees

Earth is healing itself, recently we saw a Brazil bush Fire and Australian bush-fire which caused more than half Forrest to burn out and causing death to more than half-million animals. Forest are healing themselves at a faster rate with no human attack. Deforestation has also come to stop for a short while, as none is cutting down trees for industrial use or commercial use. Due to fewer pollution birds and pollen agents can travel freely and help in the pollination process, which is important for trees to grow fruits or seeds. Also, these birds are helping in afforestation as they tend to drop the seeds for away place, letting the seed grow into a sapling, this is the way nature always grew itself.


Air Pollution

This global pandemic has led to a huge drop in air pollution throughout the world. Due to lockdown, many industrial activities have come to a halt temporarily cutting down the air pollution levels. Many experts are also stating that this was the "largest-scale experiment ever conducted" on the worldwide reduction of industrial effusions. Nitrogen dioxide generated from cars, power plants, and many other industrials is responsible for global warming, and ozone depletion has also reduced. India which comes among countries with top bad air quality index has also seen a lot of improvisation in terms of air quality, Himalayan tops can be spotted from cities that were hidden by the dense fog of polluted air.


Sound Pollution

Due to a worldwide lockdown and various commutes coming to a pause it has become much quieter outside. People have started working from home and cars which honked on traffic lights have all become so silent. In this silence, we can hear birds acoustics now it’s like they are singing a happy melody of survival to us in this time of panic. Birds need to sing find to there proper mate, but without being able to sing melodies for there mates or their mates to hear these beautiful melodies it has become harder for birds to survive. With cruises, ships, oil tanks on hold in seas oceans are becoming calmer than ever.

Best Interior Decor Ideas for your Kitchen & Dining

Thinking to redesign or renovate your kitchen this summer, but can't pick any particular style. Kitchen & Dining space are the hearts of any house because a lot of things happen around food as we all know. The kitchen interior design should illustrate your personality, therefore it's very important to choose a theme which demonstrates you. So, here are five different themes on how to design your future dream kitchen & dining space according to some future trends.


kitchen interior design

There is something special about the Blue color itself, it's color of sky, oceans & twilights, a color which makes one feel so tranquil, almost heaven. The kitchen is any home is a heart of all the spaces you wake up in the morning go in the kitchen for your morning coffee and breakfast, you end a day in the kitchen with happy memories of everyone gathered around for Dinner. This Powder blue design is perfect for a tranquil and dreamy kitchen, with a blue dining table which is in perfect contrast with black tabletop and pretty chairs. Overall this dreamy kitchen is a paradise for someone who loves to work around the kitchen. You can also use a lot of Art Noveau Blue Glass Vase for an ideal table center or to add colors in the kitchen you can put a Jasmine white tablecloth.

kitchen interior design ideas

Grey has a beautiful warmth towards it, usually used in bedroom designs but when used in the kitchen can add a beautiful softness to any interior design.  Grey used with colder blue tones gives a contemporary look to your overall kitchen. This grey kitchen interior displays futuristic traits with its island which can be used as a breakfast bar and a sink top while cleaning. This Urban Grey Kitchen excludes emotion when it meets brown in the most elegant way, three wooden bar-stools are highlighted by the white cabinets. The white cabinets add a sleek look to this overall modular kitchen. You can add a great crystal decanter and wine glass to add a very subtle look to it. If you want to add a little color in it you can place a wired basket filled with fruits.


kitchen interior ideas

Who doesn't love the countrysides? the smell of green grass, a breeze of fresh air, an array of trees and loads of colorful flowers can make anyone fall in love with it. Out of the hustle and bustle of the urban modern world, just solemn quiet you and nature. If you are a person who loves countrysides then this dining decor idea would be a perfect choice for you. This dining table can be used as a lazy afternoon brunch place or perfect charming candlelight dine area, and its surely gonna impress your guests. You can add colors to it by using clay vase as a Centerpiece, with a bunch of wildflowers or fresh flowers. If you want to add farmers look to your dining interiors then you can add a Wooden Stave for serving, Clay water bottles, Wooden Cutleries & Serveware it's just gonna add a little wow factor to your dining interior and also whoo your guests.

Kitchen Interior

Whenever we hear this word Vintage many things come to our minds, like vintage books, cars, Wines, Magazines, etc. But today we have brought you something special, a Vintage Kitchen Interior tips. Mostly used colors in vintage themes are Black fame, Creamy Pink, Moore Woods, Pale green Pines, overjoy yellow. You can hang lots of pots and pans on the top part of your island or above the sink to add a rustic feel to your overall kitchen interiors. A farmhouse sink or island table sounds perfect for such vintage kitchen interiors as it gives a retro elegance and a pro tip is to add lots of primitive wood pieces in your kitchenware. Vintage Kitchen decor should always have things in it which tells you thousand of stories of itself & Munio home decor collection is the best place to find it.


kitchen interior ideas india

Once you have kids in your life, they tend to become the center of your universe. So, you need to make sure your home interiors are well furnished to help them grow, & learn along the way. The kitchen is a hub of the home where everyone tends to gather around. It's always a good idea to have an open kitchen area so you could keep an eye on your notorious ones. You can have colorful kitchen cabinets, especially red or yellow as they tend to increase appetite, & have lower cabinets filled with there cups and plates to let help themselves. You can add a  blackboard in the kitchen so your little ones can draw and doodle or can also write crazy quotes or the menu or doodle the ingredients for cookies and bring your kids in the kitchen to help you and have a fun time. Its always better to use eco-friendly napkins for them as they tend to be hypoallergic towards many fabrics.

16 April, 2020

The Best Scented Candles which suit your Zodiac Sign | Part 2

Libra (September 23 - October 22)   

zodiac signs

Librans are peaceful, fair people, and they hate being left alone by themselves & partnership is very important to them. People born under this sun-sign are always enchanted by balance & harmony, they are in forever pursuit for truth & equality. These people can do almost anything to just evade a conflict, they love to be in peace & try to keep it wherever possible. Librans need to enrich their lives by music, art, poetry, & beautiful places they visit.

You people are easy-going, you love to be in harmony & peace. So here is a Sweet Flag Candle in his hands for you with the fragrance of which is light & sweet but at the same time a little nutty, a bit bitter, herbal, & astringent. It is an aroma that goes in harmony just like you. 

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) 

scorpio horoscope today

Scorpions are strong and confident personalities. They are strongly determined and firm on their decisions and they will keep researching until they find the truth. People born under this sign, are true born leaders, they are always informed of the circumstances, they can be quite resourceful. Scorpions belong to the water sign and live for adventure & manifest emotions. Scorpions are the most secretive star-sign of all the zodiac signs. If you have shared a secret with a scorpion, believe me it's gonna be a secret. You are passionate, brave, a bit stubborn at times, you are very secretive, but a true friend. So we bring an Ashberries & Bilberry Candle which would be a true friend to you and it's a bit secretive like you, as it lit to illuminate hidden ingredients.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

zodiac signs months

Sagittarians are active and inquisitive beings; they are one biggest traveler in all the zodiac signs. They have an open mind and philosophical view towards life which motivates them to roam around the globe in a quest to know the meaning of their life. People born under this sign are extroverts, highly optimistic and always enthusiastic, and like changes in their life. Sagittarius belongs to the element of fire, needs to be continually in touch with the world to endure as much as possible. Sagittarians are adventurous strong-willed people, they love to travel alone and always be in search of the meaning of life. So we bring you our most loved aroma Clove aroma Candle. Lit this candle anywhere and it will help find yourself better. 

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)   

zodiac sign capricorn

Capricorns belong to a sign that represents time & accountability, they are very conventional & serious by personality. These people are lords of self-control, a great leader who makes solid practical plans, & have a great ability to manage people at once who work for them. They can learn from their previous mistakes and do better to reach the top just based on their experience & expertise. People born under this zodiac sign need to learn the art of forgetting & forgiving to make their own life a little lighter and positive. This sign belongs to the element of earth which makes them practical and always grounded to the earth. These people are connected to mother earth, a leader born to succeed & stays calm as a river during a problem. So we recommend them this Fern Candle to let them enjoy mother earth whenever you want.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) 

zodiac sign aquarius

Aquarians are shy and quiet, but in another direction, they are very energetic & strange kinds of people. Nevertheless, in both these phases, they are very deep thinkers and highly intelligent people who just love to help others. They can see without any kind of discrimination on both sides of the conflict, which gives them an ability to solve problems. Aquarians always have a profound need to be for some time, to heal their inner powers. People born under this star sign always look at the world as an area with enormous possibilities Aquarians, are silent, shy peps and tend to be a bit ambivert. On the other hand, they are energetic, loud and social. So we give you a Marigold Candle for your silent side with a little hint of lavender for your social side. Enjoy the magic of this two-faced candle.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)  

pisces horoscope today

Pisceans are dreamy and filled with imagination, they are very emotionally sensitive &  can be very easily influenced by their surrounding. Pisces is a water sign and this zodiac sign is identified by their compassion & display of emotional capacity. The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Neptune, which makes Pisceans more intuitive than the rest of the zodiac sign. They have artistic talent, Neptune being deeply connected to music, so Pisces show their music inclination in an early stage of life. They are very hospitable, kind faithful and caring beings. Pisces are creative, intuitive, relaxed water signs and live every day as if they were constantly at the beach. So, this Juniper & Limonium ( a.k.a Sea Lavender) will help you connect more to your essence.

The Best Scented Candles which suit your Zodiac Sign | Part 1

Aries  (March 21 - April 19) 

aries horoscope today

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, the appearance of Aries always marks the start of something active and intense. They are always in search of something energetic, and competitive, they thrive to be first in everything -from work to social parties. All the credit goes to Mars which happens to be its ruling planet and it belongs to the element of fire, making Aries the most active zodiac. Arians are very courageous, determined, confident, & enthusiastic at everything they do. But they can be very impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive at times.

As your sign represents a fire element bold, deep, confident characters. So, your zodiac calls for an emotional candle that makes you feel like getting a warm hug. Cinnamon candles represent the dynamic and competing nature you have.

Taurus  (April 20 - May 20)   

Taurus horoscope today

Taureans are practical and grounded to earth, they like to collect the fruits of their hard work. They have a certain belief that they always need to surround themselves with love, & beautiful things. Those who are born under this zodiac sign acknowledge touch & taste as the most vital senses of all. They always stick to their decisions until and unless they reach a point of personal content. Taureans are mostly reliable, patient & practical in their life but they can be very stubborn and possessive at times. As they are the "treat yourself" sign which is drawn towards the exquisite things in life, so this Apple blossom candle in her hands with the luxurious floral tones of apple blossoms & perfect earthy hands will remind you both of extravagant parties and library books.

Gemini  (May 21 - June 20) 

Gemini Horoscope

Geminians are expressive and intelligent, they embody two different personalities in one and you can never guess which you would face ever. They are very friendly, highly communicative and are always ready for some fun, but on the other hand, they can suddenly drift, get serious, anxious and restless about everything in life. They are always surprised by the world itself, they have an extreme level of curiosity and with continuous thought that they don't have enough time to experience everything in life. As gentle, affectionate & curious people you can equally be more nervous and indecisive about life. As you Geminians are multifaceted you like things to change up which makes you extremely curious, creative,& versatile. This wildflower candle is packed with a surprise from the Meadow of wildflower to exquisite rose and lit it to experience more magic.

Cancer  (June 21 - July 22) 

cancer horoscope today

People born under the sign of Cancer are strongly intuitive & sentimental, it is one of the most challenging zodiac signs one would ever get to know. Cancerians are very sensitive and care a lot on the matters of their family & friends. People who are born under the sun sign of cancer are extremely loyal and have a great ability to empathize with other's pain & suffering. This zodiac sign belongs to the element of water, they are always guided by emotions and their heart. As you, Cancerians are recognized for having tough, thorny seeming outside, but delicate and dependable inside once others know you well. And that's exactly why this linden candle works so well for you — the sweet yet citrusy aroma represents both your sweet and thorny sides.

Leo (July 23 - August 22) 

leo horoscope today

Leos are natural-born leaders, they are very dramatic, artistic, confident, dominant & it's very difficult to withhold ones feeling to know them. They are very capable to achieve anything in there life if they commit to it. Leos are the king of the jungle with there star sign being a lion. Being a generous & loyal person they often enjoy the company of many friends. This self-confident and attractive, sun sign can bring various groups of people and lead them towards one cause.   In case we have fame contest with zodiac Leos will surely ace it with your bold, fiery, & life is a party attitude. So we give you this Nettle candle in her hands as they are too bold with there thorns and the aroma which would fill you with the power of nature to keep you going in life.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo Horoscope Today

Virgos always pay attention to the tiniest of details and there a profound sense of kindness makes this zodiac sign one of the most careful ones. They are very loyal, analytical, hard-working but they can very shy in communicating & at work they overly critical about themselves and others. Their orderly attitude to life assures that nothing is left for chance, &  even though they are delicate at heart, it might close for the outside world. Virgo is an Earth sign, pointing to a person with a very strong character, who prefers conventional, organized things in life. This sign is usually confusing, as they can express their heart, but as they never accept their true feelings. You are perfectionists, overly cautious, forgetting to dream. This dreamy birch cherry candle in her hands will help remind you, that you need to balance your stern nature and it's okay to dream a bit.

Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers | Types of Diffusers

oil diffuser

Diffusers are a tiny little magical object which fills a space with aromatic oils & transforms it into tranquil heaven. You can always add aromatherapy in your daily wellness for added benefits of it. These reed diffusers with essential oils are best to add constant fragrance to the room and unlike a candle, you don't need to bother about it.

If you keep such diffusers in your living area and make your guests feel welcomed nobody likes a stinky home. You can also add this little magical pot in your working space, it would always make you feel calm & help you concentrate more


There are many advantages of using diffusers like inhaling essential oil aroma helps with decongestion of nose, cold & cough. Some aromas help you relieve anxiety by calming down nerves and it also helps in getting better sleep. Diffusers have one major benefit is that you don't need to keep an eye on it as you would do with a candle. Diffusers can be kept at a place where you would feel it can't be touched by kids, pets and keeps your home feeling fresh all-time without any worry. You don't need to bother about it for months as it does work endlessly.


oil diffuser fragrance


Cinnamon has one of the most pleasant aromas it, is hard to define aroma with some sweet & some spicy notes this aroma will surely make you remember a lot of baked sweet items. Cinnamon oil consists of cinnamaldehyde which according to some studies is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon oil has always been known to heal many health problems like cold, cough, & constipation. Besides these benefits, it also stimulates blood circulation reduces stress, relieves pain, fights off many kinds of infection, improves digestion & wards off insects.


Clove is an aroma that brings you warmlth, it just smells like a warm hug on a bad day. This aroma evokes much olfactory sense with its heavenly mix of woody, sweet-spicy, fruity & dusty tones. Inhaling clove oil can help you with sore throat, cold & cough during flu seasons, as it is known to have inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from headaches due to the stress at work or home, it tends to ease it by reducing stress. It helps in indigestion treats nausea during menses & is great insect repeller.


This particular diffuser has fresh notes of floral which can take you to Scottish forests, being floral it still smells very masculine because of underline woody and mossy undertones. Heather aroma has many benefits as it helps in easing cold, cough and respiratory problems. If you have a problem sleeping or you suffer from insomnia then this aroma would surely help you in it by easing your anxiety and reducing stress. It also helps women who suffer from PCOs or PCOD discomfort, or menopausal distress.


This heavenly diffuser smells like crispy, woody, sweet, earthy & fruity tones, the aroma itself takes you for a walk in the jungles where you can sniff the woody forest and earthy soil. Juniper oil has many health benefits it kills most of the airborne diseases and purifies the air. In many spiritual practices, juniper is used during meditation or while offering prayer as it purifies the air & reduces the negativity in it. Juniper aroma is an excellent choice to help you relax in the evening with a good cup of tea/coffee and a novel of your choice.


Lavender the most loved aromas, this particular aroma smells floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous with a good hint of fruity notes and an undertone of camphor. This lavender diffuser is gonna be a wonderful thing in your home, it has many antibacterial purifying the air. It has a nice calming effect so after a bad day, you can put this in your bathroom & relax in a hot tub( Bring your spa home!). It promotes sleep by calming your stress & anxiety as it has sedative properties. This aroma can take you for a walk in fine meadows of lavender.


This Aztec flower has derived its name from Mother mary hence being called as marigold because of the golden yellow color. The aroma of marigold is very hay-toned, earthy, rich, musty with middle tones of honey and undertones of citrusy lemon-like aroma. Calendula oil or Marigold oil has many antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This aroma when inhaled regularly can help you get better skin and curb acne. They have a great effect to relax body spasm during illness or mensuration due to its relaxant properties. It also promotes good respiratory health by decongesting your nose in time of cold & flu.


This masculine aroma has woody, citrusy, white floral tones with musky middle tones and undertoned with sweet & spicy aroma. Moss essential oil diffuser, when inhaled in the morning, for sure make you feel like taking a hike amidst a forest, Such a divine feeling. Moss has many anti-inflammatories, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It's a good diffuser if you want to use it during your home spa as it soothes the skin and maintains oil & moisture in it. Moss oil has a great expectoration effect, it is one of the most known natural expectorants, it pulls out the phlegm giving you relief. And most importantly it doesn't make you sleepy.


Rose diffuser has an intense romantic aroma, it is well known as the king of flowers and king of aroma by much well-known perfume manufacturers. It has top notes of floral, fresh middle notes of lemon and base notes of wood. This Rose Oil Diffuser is sure to make your home feel like a garden of rose, it elevates stress when you focus on scent. Its good aroma if you are planning to have a very intimate candlelight dinner with your spouse or husband. This aroma is good for skin, it aids anxiety and helps your body & mind to relax.