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“MUNIO home is the creation of three sister’s Elina, Laura, and Liene. The sister’s lifeblood was formed by their grandparents. All three are driven by a deep sense of family and a conviction that everything must be done thoroughly to the very purpose. MUNIO home is a story about people and their homes. About how each of us – at times together with others – We create our home. We step over the threshold and we are at home. The doors shut, and we are with ourselves. With our aromas and feelings, sounds and silence, order, and habits. With our feeling of time – At home, we want everything that surrounds us to be alive, and it is. MUNIO home is 100 different stories of the home told through objects.

We are homemakers, We are home.”

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eco friendly products

“At home we dream, love, desire, conspire, think, we grow ourselves, and help others to grow. We live, co-exist, experience, and survive.
We wrap home around us.”


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This is why we thrive to deliver the best handcrafted eco-friendly products to you.

At home, we want everything that encompasses us to be alive, and it is with us.

Eco-friendly Materials

Materials gathered from nature – clay, birch bark, soy-wax, linen, & many more. A homewares line is born where each natural material is both a feature and a compliment to the others.

handcrafted materials

Handcrafted Products

A master craftsman blows his wisdom & dreams into a glass blob to create a glass mug. Bowls from clay cradled in loving hands, & tablecloths woven with equally loving fingers.

fast Delivery

Assured Delivery

We take immense pleasure in the timely and quality delivery of the products you have ordered with us. Put away your worries about the delivery to us.