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Are All Candles Made of soy-wax Same? 

Absolutely No, all the made of soy wax are not the same. Some candle brands use only 51% soy wax and 49% chemical wax blends to mark their candle as “soy candles. They not only use other waxes but also use metal core wicks along with artificial scent oils. Whereas, we at MUNIO home use 100 percent soy wax and natural essential oils to provide you with a pure organic soy candle.

What are the Benefits of using an All Cotton Wick?  

The most important thing in a candle is a wick. A candle’s entire burning process relies on the wick, so a wick with lead in it can produce smoke and other harmful carcinogenic chemicals in your home. That’s why we use 100% European cotton wicks in our candles. If you are not sure about lead content in your candle, rub the wick of an unburnt candle on a white paper. If it leaves gray marks behind like a pencil, it contains lead in it.

Black Smoke is Coming Out From Scented Candles? How can I fix it?

If you don’t trim the wick of the candle, before burning then the candlewick can begin to produce soot. If you plan to burn the candles for more than 4 hours, then trim the wick by 1⁄4 inch before burning new or previously burned candles. And extinguish the flame at every 2-hour interval, let the candle cool down, trim the wick and relight.

How many scented candles should I burn at once in a room?

This is the most important problem, and some individuals complain that a candle does not have a fragrance. So, depending on the size of the room, a total number of aromatic candles that you can burn to make the whole room smell good. For a small room or bathroom, one scented candle may be enough. But, you should burn at least two to three scented candles for a bigger room or hallway.

Which candles should I buy, ones that look good or the ones that smell good?

This one is difficult, really. So, if you are planning to bring your guests to a housewarming party or event, pick up some decorative designer candles. But if you want to experience the benefits of aroma candles, and need to make your home feel fresh and good, then settle for a decent 

scented jar candle. Clearly, both come with their unique benefits, but the choice is yours.

Why buy an expensive aroma candle while I opt for cheaper ones?

If you buy a good-looking candle with a strong aroma at a cheaper cost. You are tampering with your health rather than benefiting from an aroma candle. As most of the cheaper candles are made using paraffin wax and a lead wick, which releases toxins in the air. Although a good quality aroma candle can be a little expensive. As they are made from high-quality wax blends and lead-free cotton wicks which doesn’t release any toxins. They are also made using 100% organic essential oil. Which is not only beneficial for your health but also makes your home feel like a garden.

Should I get different aroma candles for different spaces in my home?

Do you wear the same dress for home and work? The answer would be no. Then why burn the same aroma candle in every room of your home? Yes, you should buy various aroma candles for different spaces as they help in building the ambiance for that particular place.
Choose a romantic aroma such as lavender for your bedroom, a divine fragrance such as jasmine for the prayer room, a warm aroma like Cinnamon for the living room to create a warm atmosphere, and peppermint aroma for the bathroom for a refreshing smell all day long.

How should I remove spilled wax from carpets, rugs, or fabric?

Gently extract the larger pieces of wax once the wax has hardened. Once done, get a clean paper towel and put it over the wax spill. Warm the paper towel by using a flat iron on a low level. The wax will start to melt under the towel and soak in the towel. Blot the wax and repeat until the wax is removed, as needed.

How can I remove wax spills from wood surfaces?

Follow the above directions for extracting wax spills from the fabric/carpet. While extracting the bigger chips of wax, make sure to use a dull object so that your wood finish is not damaged. Wipe away the wax from the surface until you heat the paper towel over the wax spill.

What safety precautions do I need to take before or while burning the candle?

Keep the wicks trimmed to approximately 1cm. Holding the wick short ensures that the candle will burn at the correct temperature and create less smoke. Before each use, re-trim the wick. After each flame, center your wick.

Each time you light your candle, allow the top surface to melt completely. Allowing the wax to melt so that the whole top surface is a runny liquid. It would ensure that your soy wax candle will melt down properly and all the way down at an equal rate.

 For better results, we advise burning your candle between 1 and 3 hours at a time. You can end up with wax stuck to the surface of your glass jar if it burns for less than an hour, which may decrease burn time and may drown your wick. When 0,5-1cm of wax is left at the bottom of the container, discontinue use.


Can I use a dishwasher to clean my Clay plates, or bottles, or bowls?

Every one of our items is handcrafted, and when cleaned, they like the touch of a person. We’d recommend that they be cleaned and handled with loving hands of yours only. For more details refer- ( blog title ).

Can molds grow on my clayware during the monsoon season?

Yes, molds can grow on your clayware during the rainy or monsoon season. But you can stop it by making you clean them daily after use, and it would be best if you give them a little sunshine. For more product care instructions, read( blog).

How can I store my clayware products?

Make sure your Clayware is completely dried up before storing it as you don’t want those gross-looking molds growing on your treasured beauties. Better if you can store your clayware in a well-lit, dry & ventilated place to avoid any mold growth. For more care instructions, read the blog.

Can I use detergents to clean my Clay bottles or bowls?

No, Never use any kind of detergents to clean the clayware products. As, the porous material will soak up the detergent leading to the soapy or unpleasant aftertaste. And will leach to the water or food stored in the bottle or vessels. For more care instructions, read the blog.

Can I bake in my fav clayware?

Yes, you can. Many Clay utensils are microwave safe, it is said to use unglazed clay pots to microwave your food. Even if you love to bake your food in the oven, you can use clay pots to prepare an amazing meal in the oven. It’s best to use heavier or thicker bottom clay pots if you are using them in a microwave or open. For more information- read blog.


Can I use a dishwasher to clean glassware?

No, you can’t put them in the dishwasher as it may break. Always use a mild soap and soft sponge to clean the glassware to avoid scratches on the surface and dry it with a microfiber towel. For more care instructions -read blog.

How can I remove lipstick stains from Glassware?

You use a few spoons of warm vinegar (just keep the vinegar bottle in some hot water) and clean the stain with a soft sponge. For more care instructions -read blog.

How should I store my Glassware products?

You can always store your glassware beauties in glass cabinet cupboards in your dining space to give a rustic look to your overall dining room. This will not only look good but eliminate the risk of breakage or tinting of glassware. For more care instructions -read blog.

How should I store my Champagne Flutes?

Keep the wine glass upright when storing it in the cabinet as the rim is the thinnest part of the flute as you don’t want to risk breaking it. Always try to keep a distance of 3 inches between two flutes to avoid chipping it. For more care instructions -read blog.

How should I clean wine glasses?

Always use a soft sponge and a bit of detergent to clean Red wine glass. It would be better to use odorless detergent as the bowl is made in such a way to capture the smell. You won’t like to drink wine or champagne with a hint of detergent smell coming to your nose.For more care instructions -read blog.


Can I use a wooden spoon on a non-stick pan?

Yes, you can use a wooden spoon to stir any kind of dish in various types of vessels. It can be used in multiple things like mixing lemon and mint for a whiskey mash, folding together pancake batter. For more care instructions -read blog.

Is wooden cutlery safe to use?

Wood is a natural material and consists of more antibacterial properties than any other man-made object. Trees in their natural state fight with infections, bacteria, molds, and when it is no longer a living body still has the same properties.

Can I use a dishwasher to clean my cutleries?

No, you should not use a dishwasher to clean wooden cutleries. As the dishwasher works at high temperatures, it can dry out the wood. Leading to cracks & destroying the life wooden utensils. So a simple hand wash is the best for wooden items. For more care instructions -read blog.

How should I remove stains from wooden Cutleries?

It’s perfectly okay for your wooden cutleries to get stained. High pigment food like tomato puree or spinach puree, Turmeric, etc will stain your wooden utensils. But they are still safe to use and the stains will eventually fade away with time.For more care instructions -read blog.

How should I store my wooden utensils?

Keep your wooden utensils in a well ventilated, dry place to avoid any kind of molds or fungal growth on your spoons. As it may lead to food poisoning or infection or food spoilage.


Should I iron my Linen tablecloth before using it?

Linen is a fabric where you would like to have some creases all over the fabric. It’s the character of the fabric you should  embrace in your dining space also it accessories the overall space with a very vintage and natural look. For more information-read blogs.

How can I wash my linen home textiles in the washing machine?

Turn the wash cycle into a gentle setting, and use the maximum level of water available in your machine. Always wash your linen with lukewarm water, use mild detergents to clean it, & don’t overcrowd your wash cycle at one point of time as it can pull & twist the yarns making your fabric look out of shape. For more information-read blogs.

How to clean food or wine stains from linen napkins or tablecloths or table runners?

Wine spills or accidental food dirt can be cleaned easily with few spoons of diluted warm vinegar, don’t scrub it. Gently, hand wash it as you don’t want to destroy the weave structure of your linen tablecloth or runner.

How should I store Linen products after using 

Once it’s completely dried you can fold your linen, and keep them in a cool dry place. Avoid any kind of boxes, plastic bags, or any packaging which won’t let your fabric breathe. Keep them in the bag provided with the product. For more information-read blogs.

Why is linen considered as a luxury fabric?

The cycle of converting flax seeds into plants to the extraction of fiber to the weaving of fabric and finally processing is too laborious. Also, Linen was used by the Egyptians to wrap mummies, by kings & queens throughout history. Today you can see linen is used in many ways, even designers love to use linen fabric over other kinds of fabric.

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