Vastu Shastra Tips for Home & Office

vastu for home tips

Vastu Shastra is a marvelous science & philosophy developed by our ancestors to help make our lives better. It has a wondrous combination of science, art, astronomy, and astrology. Vastu is an architecture that combines us with nature and the other elements of nature- earth, sky, water, fire, and air to make an act of design. This system of building architecture has been used in India since ancient times to present times, it is also known as Vastu vidya.
It is said when we build our homes and offices with Vastu we benefit not only heath but also wealth, prosperity, spiritual calmness, better energy balance, etc.
Vastu is ruled by the science of aligning the five elements of nature and balancing them with man & material.

Why is Vastu Shastra Important?


Vastu is an ancient science of architectural building of any kind of home, office,& temple. It makes the lives of the people living or working in it better by providing them comfort & good health. It also brings wealth, prosperity, harmony & balance. A man gets emotional advantages through Vastu in the kind of well being; improves ones’ relationships with oneself & others, it also unhitches tension, reduces stress level and promotes health. All beings have five elements in them i.e, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, & Space. Vastu helps us benefit from these natural elements for Healthy and harmonious living.
One of the most prominent benefits of Vastu shastra is that it serves as a neutralizing ground to all the negative factors in your home.
Which causes the bond of your family members to brittle and break, with Vastu you get to experience a better and healthy relationship within your family.


Tips for Home

Here are some Vastu tips for your safe-heaven & work:-

vastu tips for home

Tip #1

Vastu Shastra is an old guide for a positive home, right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom.

The door of the house which is also considered as the archway of victory & progress in life should be constructed in a way that when you step out you should face the north-east should avoid painting the entrance door black and also a shoe rack or dustbin right outside the door.

Tip #2

Ideally, Vastu says the bedroom in a southwest direction of the house yields good health & prosperity. We should avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east part of the home as it may cause serious health issues or if the couples sleep in these rooms it may cause many quarrels among them. The bed should be kept in the southwest corner of your bedroom with your head facing west. One should avoid keeping mirrors or television in front of the bed as your reflection must not be seen in a mirror when in bed as it may cause domestic fights.

Tip #3

Brahmasthan or the center of your house is also considered the center of your nest. In this region, many powerful energies flow and are considered the most powerful and holiest area of your home.Brahmasthan or the center of the house should be spotless and clutter-free. It should be built in the circumference of 1 to 1.5 meters and this circumference should not have any objects to block the flow of energy. It should not also have any obstruction or any build-up area. It is important to understand the bond between the healing power of the Vastu and of our home to harness positive energy and good vibes.

Tip #4

The living room of any Vastu amenable home should have the living room facing to the north of the home or east or the northeastern side. Vastu rules state that any ideal living room should be a north-facing living room. All the bulky furniture should be placed in the west or southern-west area of the living room. Any electronics and electronic appliances should be situated in the southeast part of the hall. If one wants to keep a mirror in the living space, it should be ensured it is placed on the northern section of the wall.

Tip #5

Nature invariably brings a happy, pleasant element in your home, but flowers or plants which are dead, dried or withered can bring up an opposite impact on the people living in the home. This can also hinder the energy flow in the house. Carnations should not be kept inside the home as it brings bad luck to our home. These plants can be grown outside the home, either in the garden or on the terrace. Plants or cacti which have thorns should never be kept inside the house as it may cause interpersonal issues.

Tips for Office

vastu tips for officeTip #1

Seating arrangement in Vastu Shastra plays a key role as the entrepreneur should facing east or north but the best is east as the sun rises from the east making the use the force for the financial growth. 

The marketing & sales team members should also sit facing north or northeast ensuring proactive work. The financial staff should sit at the southeast corner facing north to ensure financial growth.

Tip #2

According to Vastu Shastra, the accountant of the company should sit at the south-east corner of the office facing the north-east direction for an increase in wealth. Vastu direction which influences the financial prosperity is north & northeast. These directions are ruled by the element of water, which indicates a person’s financial status. Also, many Vastu experts suggest placing a mirror or Kuber yantra on the northern section of the office to assure financial opportunity.


Tip #3

 The reception area of the office should have a clear view of people coming into the office. The reception area of the office creates a long-lasting impression for first-time visitors. Hence, putting a bunch of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the reception desk will encompass the space with positive energies, which will attract prosperity.

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