“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world” – Louis Pasteur.

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Wine glasses are also passed on to younger generation in many cultures especially in European culture. Like in India our mothers some pass on the family tradition, some jewelry but these are not just traditions or objects its heritage or heirlooms the love & wisdom hidden in the traditions which we overlook. Heirlooms are important of continuing your family legacy, it also helps us connect with our younger generation and during family gathering they also become an interesting topic of discussion. We all love your old wine glasses some have cute memories related to it, some gifted to us from our family and friends but there are times when we get bored of these wines glass but we can’t them discard them so here are few tips and tricks you can reuse your old wine glass & revisit your memories every time you see them.


1. Flower Vase


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A flower decoration can liven up any space, let’s put some flowers in an old wine glass & Voila…Floral Elegance. You can put this flower arrangement anywhere in the dining space during a family dinner or a formal dinner with your friends and colleagues. Like I have put some cute bougainvillea vines in this pretty Munio home wine glass and few candles for a magical evening dinner with my partner. Let others appreciate your clever crafty ideas. You can also use this floral arrangement with multiple wine glass and create a whimsical tall floral arrangement for a party or any social gathering. And if you want a floral arrangement with multiple pieces you can use a large Glass vase and surround them with this wine glass floral arrangement.


2. Candies

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Every kid wants to feel like an adult & every adult wants to feel like a kid. This Candy filled wine glass can make your kid feel like adults and also bring out the kid in you … You can also put these candy-filled wine glasses in your little one’s birthday parties just be careful they don’t indulge themselves too much in it, no parents want their kids high on sugar. But for a party with friends and family, you can fill this glass with vodka-soaked jelly bears something for adults. If you want some Healthy option for your kid’s parties then fill the wine glass with homemade fruit leather or healthy homemade cookie dough balls, or chocolate dipped coconut chips etc. For adult parties you can fill the glasses freeze dried fruits like grapes, kiwi etc. dipped in alcohol of your choice. These fun party bites will surely be the highlight of your celebration.


3. Dessert Glass

Desserts in wine glass


Fill this glass with excellent chocolate mousse and have a simple dessert in style. Before eating any meal, our eyes devour it first, and our brain decides whether it will taste good or not, so presentation is the key. You can simply put a simple brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream & loads of chocolate sauce to make a pretty sundae for your kids to enjoy on a special day, Treat them with this. See enchantment…!! For formal dinner you can serve tiramisu, this famous Italian dessert is loved by all or make fun fruity trifle. You can also make a colorful pineapple or kiwi or honey panna cotta as it takes no time in preparation but few hours in fridge to set, just whip it in glasses a day ahead and you are ready to impress your guests.


4. Smoothies

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Have a healthy life drink a milky or fruity smoothie in the morning in the wine glass and keep in a classy way of life. We all love having a milkshake in the morning or on a sunny afternoon just put some milk, ice, and a flavoring agent like fruits or chocolate syrups. You can also serve milkshakes in a non-alcohol party like a baby shower or this pretty munio home flutes to your guests. If you are arranging a Sunday brunch then you use your wine glass to serve fruity punch or mimosa. You can also enjoy favorite gin or tonic in wine glass just throw in ice some lime wedges add gin and enjoy. You can also serve snowball or have it on weekend and unwind with your partner.


5.Soupy Fun Bowl

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Dish up any kind of cold veggie soup in this beautiful wine glass and enjoy a stylish healthy style. Make a simple tomato soup on summer afternoon from those freshly plucked tomatoes in your garden and enjoy a cold sweet-tangy tomato soup in the dinner. It is a very refreshing appetizer to have before dinner and its best to enjoy your organically homegrown tomatoes. And to be honest, everybody is going to love it in your dining table especially the style of serving it. Enjoy a fun watermelon cold soup for refreshing summer evening, and what’s for more fun than enjoying a spicy watermelon soup from your favorite. For a healthy cold soup, make gazpacho this Spanish drink will surely be your favorite once you try it. Blend your fav vegetables with tomato’s and red vinegar, fill it in a pitcher serve it with some crunchy croutons and fresh basil leaves.

6. Cocktail Stick Server

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Serve those crispy breadsticks or cheese sticks in this very delicate wine glass in a cocktail party. You can serve quirky lavash hummus as a dip during a catchup party in your house it will look uber classy and a perfect way to impress your guests. You can also serve soup sticks in this Munio home wine glass during a formal dinner party & make a lasting impression on your friend & guests. It’s all about being eco-sassy. If you are a seafood fan then you can use your old wine glass to serve cocktails shrimps, this cold & tender shrimp is a crowd-pleasing appetizer, making it perfect for a cocktail party. If you are hosting a vegan party instead of shrimps you can have veggies with hummus or crispy sweet potato with a cool ranch dip.


7. Wine Terranium

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You can put a cool terrarium in an old wine glass just fill it with sand, soil some pebbles with any air plant you think will look good. You can add this little greenery to your apartment, to not only make it look green but it also acts as a cute decorative item. Create a small fairy terrarium garden with this technique add little fairy doll or a tiny home, this fairy terrarium will surely add a magical touch to your home. You can also grow air plants like Tillandsia, Andreanna, Xerographica, etc., it’s a great addition to your home garden if you just a beginner garden too as they are low-maintenance plant and don’t ask much. If you love Zen then place some soil few stones and a jade plant in the wine glass and your mini Zen garden is ready to place in your home.


8. Candle Stand

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Do you have many wine glasses that you don’t use than just keep a candle in it and enjoy your candlelight dinner in a more voguish way. I have turned a Munio home eco-friendly wine glass upside down and filled it with some floral vines and kept a Munio Home Soy Cinnamon Candle to enjoy a perfect romantic dinner with him. And let me tell you it’s worth it to give him these little surprises. It’s all keeping the fire alive. You can also use the candle cum floral arrangement as center pieces for your dinner party and surprise your guests with your quirky creativity. If you have organized a party based on theme then you can decorate the glass on it and place candles, it will surely be appreciated by our guests and family. 

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