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Linen is the most traditional fabric that comes from nature. It is thicker and highly expensive than cotton. Linen is well-known for its durability, strength, and softness. It has been used for the last 10,000 years to make all the household and garment items like undergarments, tablecloths, Bedding, apparel, and many more.


Linen was used by the Egyptians to wrap mummies, and knights used to wear a linen shirt & pants under their armor. In Mesopotamia linen was mostly used by royalties as manufacturing of line was too laborious and was too expensive. In Lithuania civilization there is mention of linen, it’s used in various folklore and other different stories. So, linen is deeply connected to our roots.

Today linen is used in many ways even designers love to use linen fabric over other kinds of fabric. Technology has played a key role in improving the production of linen, it has reduced the time taken to do the overall production.


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Linen is made from flax stems, Flax is a plant that grows in cooler regions mostly European countries and some parts of India & Pakistan. The cycle of converting flax seeds into plants to the extraction of fiber to the weaving of fabric and finally processing is too laborious. And, this is the reason why linen has always been a luxury fabric.

The seeds of flax are sowed and are harvested after 100 days of sowing. After which the plants are pulled out from the roots and laid on the ground for drying. Once the stems have completely dried it is soaked in water or chemical for some days, this process is called retting. Retting loosens up the fiber from the main stalk to outer stalk. Then the fibers are extracted, the short coarse fiber is used to make paper, ropes etc. and longer fibers are used to make yarns for weaving.

Once the yarns are extracted it is sent for spinning and weaving of the fabric in yards.


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Linen is a fabric in the fabric where you would like to have some creases all over the fabric, it’s the character of the fabric you would like to embrace it. It accessories the overall space with a very vintage and natural look. If you want to adorn this beautiful fabric in your home then just simply use it without ironing and fall in love with its beautiful look.


Linen fabric is made from hollow Flax plants, so it absorbs water very well and it soaks moisture to its 20% of its weight. After which it will feel wet or damp, therefore your bed will always make you feel pleasant, and fresh when you sleep on it. It also implies that you would wake up to a fresh and energetic feeling in the morning when you wake up, as linen would let your skin to breathe.


Linen has good wicking properties, which means it can absorb and release moisture very fastly. This is because linen is made from hollow flax, which allows air to pass through easily. So it doesn’t stick to the skin and make you feel uncomfortable. Linen is a good insulator hence it remains cool in summer and traps heat from the body in winters.


Linen is a hypoallergenic property which means if your skin is too sensitive or you suffer from too many allergies then it’s good to use linen as a primary fabric. It also has antibacterial properties because of which it heals your body, also because of this reason it was used as bandages in ancient times




Linen is one of the greatest natural fibers in the fabric world. Because of this reason linen is used in the making of paper money. Even Greeks used to weave linen fibers in their armor as Linen allowed not only breathability but also provided strength to it. Linen is comparatively thicker than cotton fabric, which leads to a highly durable fabric and increased longevity. The inherent durability of linen makes it a smart purchase and a reason why most of us have one more linen product in our heirloom.


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Munio home linen is all about the wisdom with which the weavers of Latvia weave our beautiful fabrics. Our linen is made from 100% organic flax, no pesticides or insecticides have been used in the harvesting of the plant. All the process is done naturally by the loving hands of farmers and the weavers. Even the extraction of fiber also known as retting is also done naturally. Once the fabric is made it is stonewashed, it is a process in which the fabrics are washed with volcanic stones to attain maximum softness.

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