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There comes a time when we all realize what a wasteful life we live then we think of following the path of eco-lifestyle. But to understand what is eco-lifestyle, we need to know its stem word Eco-friendly. Eco means which doesn’t harm nature directly or indirectly, and when we include that in our day to day lifestyle its called Eco-lifestyle.

An eco-lifestyle entails living in a more environmentally sustainable manner. Let’s learn more  about eco-lifestyle Tips and how you may make minor adjustments to your existing lifestyle by caring a little more about the environment

Here are five Eco-lifestyle tips for you to try.

  • Slow Fashion
  • 3 Rs( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Be Ecologically Sound
  • Plant more Trees


what is slow fashion


We hear this term everyday ethical fashion or slow fashion is clothing & accessories that are thoughtfully made & meant to be used for a long time.But what is exactly slow fashion? Slow  fashion is the exact opposite of fast fashion. It entails a fashion knowledge and attitude that takes into account the procedures and resources required to manufacture garments. Slow fashion trend promotes the purchase of higher-quality garments that will last longer, as well as the ethical treatment of people, animals, and the environment.
Buy clothing either from slow fashion brands & do your research before shopping from them like where they source the raw materials from, how they manufacture the products, how is their supply chain, to final consumer & disposal of it. Don’t shop following trends in the market or by the direction of different brands. Shop less & shop consciously, Love the fewer things you have, celebrate those things. Once you want to dispose of clothes, think about donating them to others or to upcycle them.

This simple eco-lifestyle tip is mostly related to the waste hierarchy from the daily consumption’s of good,3 Rs or Reduce, Reuse Or Recycle means to reduce waste, to reuse the produced waste & to recycle waste whenever possible. You can simply reduce waste by buying either bulk products or reusable products for example instead of buying paper napkins you can always invest in Munio Home Linen Napkin which can be reused many times without adding to waste. Reusing as we know reusing means to use your waste instead of disposing of it. For example, instead of buying paper napkins you can always invest in Munio home Linen Napkin which can be reused many times without adding to waste, or you can always reuse a water bottle instead of throwing and adding strain on the environment, better we suggest to go for clay bottle it has many benefits in it( we have mentioned it in our previous article, please have look at it. )

And lastly, we come across recycle, it is always better to recycle the waste it not only saves natural resources but adds up to society too. All the Munio Home Glassware products are made from recycled glass.


Humans need three basic things,i.e, food, shelter & clothing to survive and, ecological footprint measures the population’s demand & supply of resources and services of eco-system. When a country has more demand for ecological resources by its population and less supply its called ecological deficit whereas if a country has more ecological resources then the demand its called ecological reserve. It’s always better to know your ecological footprint, it very simple just answer a few questions and you would know your ecological footprint. If your ecological footprint is too high then you should take action faster it better to be early than late.




Being Ecologically sound just means that a person should know about the products they consume in day-to-day life like where the raw materials were sourced from, does the manufacturing of the product harms the nature, the using of the products would harm the nature, did it involve any kind child labor, what was the supply chain of distributing the products, how to consume it and the disposal of the same.

These questions are very important to answers before buying any kind of product it would be better if you do proper research before buying any kind of goods from the market.



plant more trees poster

This is the most common tip given to us by all the sources plant more trees, even in a third-grade ecology class, we were taught to plant more trees. But have we ever thought about why to plant more trees? we all know plants reduce carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen. Trees are an essential part of the earth their roots hold the soil so that it can absorb the excess water during rain and thunderstorm. They provide us with energy-saving shade and reduces global warning providing home to many other species. A huge tree can provide enough oxygen required by two people and also absorb the carbon dioxide released by them.

Let us all do our part to defend our planet before it’s too late. Live an eco-lifestyle.

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