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When I first saw this enormous clay bowl I fell in love with it, artistic and the earthy coolness it had, overall it determined “simplicity at its best”.


Munio home brings you the magical power of the earth with their earthenware range. The most exciting part was this bowl was handcrafted in Europe & when I swept my fingers on it every inch of the bowl was telling me little stories of itself. The potters mold the earthenware products from the clay of the mystical river rauna. The crafters of these beautiful products are making clay pieces for ages perfecting their skills. The skilled hands of the potter turn this beautiful clay into a fine earthenware, fire hardens it & then it is glazed to perfection. This beautiful earthenware collection tells you the lore of earth it is made from, the river which bears it, and the skillful hands which molded them. Our earthenware products consist of bottles, cups, salad bowls, dinner plates, etc.

The bowl compelled me to bring it home, but it was too challenging for me to use it because of its size and after consistent experiments. Here are a few ways in which you can also use it.


1. Healthy Salad Bowl


You can make a large bowl of healthy salad to go with your everyday lunch or dinner for your entire family. The width of this clay bowl enables you to mix your salad properly, and also to add as many ingredients you want. Adding a portion of greens in your everyday meals not only adds fibers to your diet but also reduces bad cholesterol in your body, and maintains the blood sugar levels. A sufficient amount of fibers can help in weight loss and maintain good body weight, it also improvises the bowel movement and helps to prevent bowel related diseases. Eating a good amount of salads balances the pH level of the body as most of the oily, junkie and restaurant food we eat is highly acidic so it balances the ph of your body and keeps many health problems at bay.


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2. Fruit Bowl ?¿


You can keep loads of whole fruits in this c?¿lay bo?¿wl, put it up in your dining table & carry fruit on the go or have it for a snack. Keeping this Munio Home Clay fruit bowl in your dining table not only looks good and adds a home decor element in your dining room but also makes you eat more fruit. Fresh fruits are packed with fiber, antioxidants and extra many nutrients. Moreover, studies reveal that eating whole fruits provides you with other food group’s potential health benefits, as it helps in preventing heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. Many vitamins like Vitamin-c rich fruits are essential for the growth and restoration of many of the body tissues, helps cure cuts and wounds, and maintains healthy teeth and gums. Many fruits are rich in potassium may help in maintaining healthy blood pressure.


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3. Entertainment Bowl


We all had that lazy movie nights when we like to curl up with our whole family in our favorite blankets, pillows, classic movies like Titanic or Godfather series and a huge bowl of homemade popcorn in your hands. This Munio Home clay bowl is a good bowl of all our family requirements. Just fill this clay bowl and you are done no need to get up in between the movies to refill the bowls. And most of us think that popcorn is a bad snack for movies as they are high in salt & sodium content. But most of us also don’t make it at home. Homemade popcorn is not only rich in fiber but also your homemade popcorn is low in salt, sodium and doesn’t contain that added preservatives. They are a good source of protein and many other vitamins and minerals mainly calcium.


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4. Chip And Dip


This Munio home clay bowl can hold a good amount of any kinds of chips, nachos, pita chips or any other snacks you like to dip and eat.  It also allows you to keep those yummy healthy cheesy dips in the bowl itself. It is a magnificent bowl to keep all kinds of chips and dip snacks for your eco-elegant parties. Be it entertaining a party of those health-conscious adults or a party of those little picky eating kids nothing can beat chips and dips, everybody loves it and it is highly versatile, easy to prepare a snack for any party.

Make it healthy chip and dip bowl with fruits and veggies or make a junky bowl of nachos and queso or a desserty bowl of chocolate and many other fruits to go with it. Anyways they are an absolute crowd-pleaser.


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5. Urali Design


And the end when you are not using this Munio Home eco-friendly Clay bowl in your kitchen or as a fruit bowl in your dining table, then you can also use this Clay bowl as a centerpiece for your table in the living room. It will act as a great eco-friendly home decor element, and also add color to your living space. Just fill this bowl with any colorful flowers you like and add water to it, Voila..!! A great work of art is ready. You can also fill this bowl with mix and match of flowers and eco-friendly soy wax candles(You can also check out our range of Munio Home Candles for a good ambiance in your house parties, it will not only keep our home feel fresh and smell welcoming but will also let your guests feel relaxed.


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And these are my ways of using Munio Home Clay Bowl.What is yours?? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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