five winter tips


Warm Candles, Good Books, Soft Pillows, Cozy Blankets, Hot Coffees & Fine companionship are the few things we all want every winter.

All winter we try to keep ourselves warm & comfortable in our homes. Munio Homes has a huge range of products to help you keep our home winter ready.

We have listed down some winter tips with which you can make cozier & pleasant.


Tip 1: Aroma Candle

Lit our soy-based eco-friendly Cinnamon or clove candle and fill your home with the sooting sweet- spicy aroma of spices. These aromas will not only make your home smell good but also give you many other health benefits like the aroma of cinnamon will provide you with stress-relieving properties and anti-inflammatory agents. It also has antirheumatic agents it eases the muscles, helps you relax your aching joints. It aids with the cold, congested nose and other flu symptoms. The aroma of cinnamon helps to relax your mind & soul not just your body, it also boosts immunity and enhances memory. The aroma of clove will loosen the knots you have toiled on your body and mind. It eases headaches and body aches to relax your exhausted mind from the wintery cold.

Scented candles

Tip 2: Cozy Pillows

We all love pillows these cute, cozy fuzzy little things are a great companion for movies, reading books, enjoying coffee, or just simply relaxing. You can put loads of pillows on a window seat where you can nestle in wintery days with a cup of hot cocoa or your fav latte or hazelnut Cappuccino. Also during the rainy season, you can unwind while watching rain splattering outside & listen to the tunes of nature. And during a good sunny day, you can just put a chair filled with pillows near a pool with a novel and a great drink in your hand. Every setting is incomplete without some great cushion, it doesn’t only add warmth but also adds colour. And these linen pillows are hypoallergenic this means during the flu season you won’t have unnecessary tirey sneezing fits in the morning, so no destroyed morning.



Tip 3: Baskets

Munio home baskets are highly versatile it stores all, what you want to keep in it? You can put this basket near your couch and keep a blanket in it so during those late-night movies you are not cold or during any wintery day when you are relaxing on the couch you can just extend your hand and wrap yourself in a warm, fuzzy blankie.

It can also be used to store different kinds of fruits as those winter fruits provide you with all the nutrition you need to keep those cold & cough at bay. Fruit baskets look good in any space it adds loads of colour to any setting and also it tempts us to eat more fruits. Just grab a fruit on the go and stay healthy all winter. If you love knitting you can also store your woollen yarn and sit on the couch and knit with your hobby basket. Knitting is just not a hobby but also when you gift someone a hand-knitted sweater or a cardigan it brings a smile on their face let’s all agree nothing is better than a personalized gift.


Stainless Steel

Tip 4: Clay Bottles

During winters we all try to keep our skin moisturized & healthy by putting loads of moisturizers. But we forget that we need to keep our body hydrated from insides too.

Clay bottles keep the warm water warm and it’s an eco-friendly way to store water. Drinking warm water in winters it helps with body pains, menstrual cramps & other body spasms, as warm water calms our muscles and helps elevate the pain. It also boosts your immunity against winter flu, cold and other allergies, improves metabolism of the body. It helps you to keep your skin glowing as drinking water removes loads of toxins and keeps skin hydrated, it increases the blood circulation in the body hence making skin healthier. So store water in this eco vogue bottle and get healthier skin, hair, and body.


Clay Bottles

Tip 5: Cups

Love sipping hot chocolate on wintery nights or Cappuccino in the morning or teas in the evening, whatever you like this handmade, glass cup will surely add a magical charm to all. As the cup is made up of glass which is a heat resistive material, it will keep your tea warm for a longer period.


tea cups


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