What is Munio Home Care Essential?


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Munio Home care essential is all about taking care of the beautiful products you buy from our store. These delicate products need special attention from you like the exceptional care was taken by the Master craftsmen of Latvia to create it. These artistic beauties need to be extraordinarily cared to preserve them for your future generations who don’t like to pass on their prized possession. So here are a few tips and tricks to take care of your pretty procession because it breaks not only your but our heart too when you lose it.


Clay Products






Before using any clay ware or earthenware product, it is needed to be well seasoned, but why you need to season it? We need to season the earthenware products before using it because of the material i.e, clay is porous. Seasoning is a must as it prevents breakage, leakage, damage from heat, as well as smell or stains. You can season the earthenware by soaking the vessel in boiled rice water, letting it cool down to room temperature and letting it air-dry overnight. 


2. Cleaning


Once you have used the earthenware products, you can either clean it with warm water and gentle scrubber it is recommended to use coconut coir while washing the earthenware vessels as those hard scrubbers can strip away the glazing. If you want to do a deep cleaning of the vessels, you can soak the vessel or bottle in the sink overnight with warm water and few tablespoons of baking soda. Then wash it using coconut scrub or soft nonmetallic scrub in the morning. Never use any kind detergents to clean the earthenware products as the porous material will soak up the detergent leading to the soapy or unpleasant aftertaste and will leach to the water or food stored in the bottle or vessels.

3. Storing

Once you are done with these vessels not using it store it a place where you can reach it because you don’t want to break it while taking it out. Always make sure that the bottle or the vessel is completely dried up before storage as you don’t want those gross looking molds growing on your treasured beauties. Better if you can store your vessels and bottles in a well-lit, dry & ventilated place to avoid any mold growth. Also, don’t change the temperature of the vessel or bottle too quickly as it may crack or breakage.

Glass Products


Recycled Glass


1. Cleaning


It is can be pretty difficult to clean glassware products as they demand high maintenance care you cant put them in the dishwasher as it may break.you can always hand wash the glassware immediately after using to avoid any kind staining. Always use a mild soap and soft sponge to clean the glassware to avoid scratches on the surface and dry it with a microfiber towel.

Wine & Champagne glasses need exquisite care after usage as these delicate beauties of yours are very fragile. Always clean them with warm water, swirl it and rinse. A complete wash care instruction of wine & champagne glass is coming soon.

2. Storing

You can always store your glassware beauties in glass cabinet cupboards in your dining space to give a rustic look to your overall dining room. This will not only look good but eliminate the risk of breakage or tinting of glassware. Maintain a good distance of 3 cms between two products as the thinnest parts like rims and stems may chip away by clicking with each other or may scratch each other. You can also put paper plates or bubble wraps while storing the glassware to protect it the better way.


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