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“Actions are louder than words, louder than your complaints.

â€?/span>½ a million animals died in Australian bush fire, â…?rd of the Amazon forest burns down, the glaciers melt and the soil continues to erode while you sit in an air-conditioned room comp?¿laining about how unbreathable air has become. Humans have always been dependent on nature but when nature goes down, humans will too. So instead of complaining while you contribute to the destruction of nature, put forth an effort to save it, act wisely. 

So here are some hacks for your green homes.?¿


eco-friendly, eco- products, linen, cotton

Throw away the cheap synthetic home furniture you own. Go for organic dyed locally woven fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Wool, Hemp, etc. which will not only add a rustic vibe to your place but also free nature and your place of toxins.

Munio Home Textile range is all about the love with which your grandmas did knitting. She silently knitted the yarns to make those beautiful afghans. Wrap yourself up in sweet memories & motherly care with Munio Home Woven products, it consists of Blankets, Kimonos, Pillowcases, etc.

Munio home has a world of rustic linens for your beautiful heaven. Weavers weave wisdom and folklore of there ancestor and yarns which beautifully twist into a fabric bringing you all those fables. The linen fabric ensures comfort and healing qualities which are very important for bedding purposes. Munio Home linen range consists of bedding, Duvets, Table clothes, Runners, Napkins & many more.


eco-kitchen, eco-cutlery, eco-products,

Get rid of plastic such as Teflon, Polyvinyl, etc and adopt conventional and pollution-free methods and utensils. The usage of CFC emitting refrigerators could be avoided or minimized by cooling water in clay pots.

Munio Home eco-friendly Clay Bottle crafted from the clay of the river Rauna. The crafters of this beautiful product are making clay items for ages perfecting their pottery skills. Once a product is created it is perfectly glazed by the skilled masters and baked in an oven to completion. This Clay Bottles will provide you with the healing of elements of the earth.

You can go old grandma style by using wooden cookware and cutleries like using Wooden knives, Spoons & Forks will add a unique allure to your dining experience. 

Munio Home cutleries are crafted from ash wood The master craftsmen of Latvia, crafts beautiful cutleries & the wood speaks the lores thousand years old when you enjoy your meal with it. Eating from ash wood provides various health benefits like easy digestion as it has mild diuretic properties. 


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Usage of petroleum-free candles would help you get better sleep and would also bring you a little peace. Light a scented candle in the evening for a tranquil ambiance, this aromatherapy will act as a great stressbuster after a hectic day at work.

With the range of Munio home, eco-friendly Candle gives yourself a moment of quiet after exhausting long Day. Indulge yourself in the fragrances, brought to you from the meadows & wild forests of Europe. Soy wax has been used to make this eco-friendly hand-poured candles & they light to illuminat
the various ingredients added in them. Transform any space into a blissful meadow beside your
onsort & favorite wine or just a tranquil space for yourself. 


eco-works, handmade, support talent

Craftsmen have gone unnoticed for a very long time despite their eco-friendly methods and the utter hard work that they put in to save a place’s culture. While you support nature and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can also help them earn a livelihood and save your own culture.


eco-home, plant buddy, plant trees

With the help of a little soil and unused jars and bottles, you can plant flowers, shrubs, etc which will not only purify the air you breathe but also fill the empty spaces in your flat. Having a selfless plant buddy that helps you grow is always better than selfish human buddies.

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