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Diwali, the most awaited festival in the country, is round the corner & preparation for it has begun in every household. It is one of the biggest festivals in India, bringing utmost joy, laughter to every household. We celebrate Diwali as a symbol of “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.” This Diwali let’s dedicate this victory to protect nature & celebrate green-Diwali or Eco-Diwali. Every year nature takes a toll on itself while we celebrate this festival of lights. But no more, let’s join hands, and protect nature because actions are louder than those air & noise pollution causing crackers.

Here are some Eco-Friendly ideas for you to celebrate green Diwali:-

Add a Touch of Earth to your Dinner table.

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With celebration around us, we often become lazy and opt for disposable dinnerware and cutleries. Diwali is that time of year, which is all about guests, food & parties. Disposable dinnerware and cutleries make it a lot easier to serve and distribute those exquisite desserts and snacks made by you. But in the end, all the things end up in dumping yards and affect mother Nature. Instead of opting for paper disposables or other so-called biodegradable dinnerware and cutleries, go for clayware. Clayware is not only beneficial to mother nature, but it’s also a healthy option for your family and friends. It will make your guests feel welcomed and also spread awareness of celebrating plastic-free Diwali.

DIY Candle Lighting

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What could be more fun than making your own lights decoration with our family? Here are two super easy DIY crafts that you can do with your child, and the best part of these crafts is you can do it with things available in your home.

Bangle Tea Light Candle Holder

Gather those unused bangles piled up in your home, a strong glue, some colorful beads/ stones, etc. Sort bangles according to their sizes, start gluing them on top of each other & make sure the bangles are in a straight line. Stack them to the height you want, then decorate the top with fancy beads or buttons & voila, you have a very own tea light candle holder.

CD Candle Holder

 We all have those old CDs lying around our home. Let’s recycle them this year and create something better, like candle holders. Gather up some glass paints and old CDs, and you are ready to get all artsy and creative. Paint CDs the way you like or create mosaic art with different colors and let it dry once done. Now we are ready to decor any corner of the home you like. Happy decorating!!

Floral Rangoli

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Nothing beats a delightful fragrance of flowers in a Diwali decor. The fresh flower adds an elegant grace to your home but also adds a heavenly aroma to your home. You can use different colors of flowers to create beautiful Rangoli designs at the entrance of our home. You can also create beautiful Rangoli using your daily kitchen item like pulses, flour, etc. Practice a combination of Diya’s, flowers, and kitchen items to create an elaborate Rangoli design & to grab the attention of your guests. Utilizing flowers & kitchen items for Rangoli will also help you encourage your eco-Diwali resolution. 

Upcycling Home Products

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You can also upcycle old saree or cotton dupattas to and pillow or cushion covers for a festive look. You can also drape your old colorful sarees in your hall or living area for traditional home decor, keep a note of color coordination. Use those old bottles to make perfect lamps or chandeliers, just put a tea- light candle in it and hang them or place them in your hall!! voila, you have a starry home ready in minutes. Gather those old paper cups lying in your storeroom and fairy lights for a kid-friendly lighting craft. Just cut a slash on the bottom of the cup to keep the one light in it. You can also decorate the cups with threads or paint. Once done, you can put them on your balcony or in your living room.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree , Eco Diwali

This Diwali, plant trees with your tiny tots and teach them all about celebrating Green Diwali. Also, try to give your loved ones a plant or sapling. In this way, you can encourage planting trees on Diwali and help nature heal a little. And if you and your friends plant 10 trees, you would add trees to the world. Also, gifting a sapling is much better than gifting that plastic dinnerware or teaware, which would eventually end up in a dumping yard and add up to plastic waste. For us Diwali is the festival of lights but for the flora & fauna it’s a festival of despair & agony. So, this lets them feel safe & secure and plant more trees.

A Floral Touch

room decor ideas for diwali

The most common practice of adding flowers to our home is by adding flower pots and vases around the home. A bouquet of flowers in a pretty Glass vase adds loads of colors & vibrancy to a room. They also make the room look & feel more cozy, lively, natural. You can also plant some indoor trees, or you can plan your home garden according to choices & preferences, or follow Best Interior Gardening Ideas. Overall you can choose plants that suit your home and can be maintained by you. If you want a personalized touch in your home garden, then you can paint the pots & customize it according to you.

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