save nature

Coronavirus or Covid19 the worst pandemic, which has sickened more than two million people (still counting) and caused death to more than one hundred eight thousand people around the globe. Citizens have been forced to stay indoors to protect themselves. Amid all this mother nature took a new turn to bloom herself, we saw her reclaim lands, we got to see animals roaming freely around in many cites. With rivers & oceans getting cleaner the aquatic life grew, as various factories have been shut down air is getting cleaner it’s like our mother earth is taking a deep sigh of relief.



Lockdown has served well to Nature, water bodies throughout the world are getting more cleaner and letting the aquatic life to grow further. In India, we saw river Ganges getting clearer due to less human intervention and factories shutting down due to nationwide lockdown. In the city of Mumbai, there were sites of dolphins coming back and running across the coastal line without any barriers. The city of love, Venice is known for its breathtaking canals but due to heavy boat the canals always remained murky also saw it getting cleaner and fishes bubbling around.


save animals

Where humans made themselves scare due to worldwide lockdown, animals are wondering did we go? Fauna life is flourishing throughout the world, they are taking small steps to explore the world beyond there boundaries. Sika deers were spotted outside there natural habitat in the streets of Nara, Japan. In Yosemite national park famous for its bears has also spotted bears coming to parks and having a party of there own. In India, peacocks are been spotted in the neighborhood, also Civet was reported to have used the zebra crossing to pass the road. And the famous Olive ridley Turtles has been spotted resting on the coast of Odisha.


Save Trees

Earth is healing itself, recently we saw a Brazil bush Fire and Australian bush-fire which caused more than half Forrest to burn out and causing death to more than half-million animals. Forest are healing themselves at a faster rate with no human attack. Deforestation has also come to stop for a short while, as none is cutting down trees for industrial use or commercial use. Due to fewer pollution birds and pollen agents can travel freely and help in the pollination process, which is important for trees to grow fruits or seeds. Also, these birds are helping in afforestation as they tend to drop the seeds for away place, letting the seed grow into a sapling, this is the way nature always grew itself.


Air Pollution

This global pandemic has led to a huge drop in air pollution throughout the world. Due to lockdown, many industrial activities have come to a halt temporarily cutting down the air pollution levels. Many experts are also stating that this was the “largest-scale experiment ever conducted” on the worldwide reduction of industrial effusions. Nitrogen dioxide generated from cars, power plants, and many other industrials is responsible for global warming, and ozone depletion has also reduced. India which comes among countries with top bad air quality index has also seen a lot of improvisation in terms of air quality, Himalayan tops can be spotted from cities that were hidden by the dense fog of polluted air.


Sound Pollution

Due to a worldwide lockdown and various commutes coming to a pause it has become much quieter outside. People have started working from home and cars which honked on traffic lights have all become so silent. In this silence, we can hear birds acoustics now it’s like they are singing a happy melody of survival to us in this time of panic. Birds need to sing find to there proper mate, but without being able to sing melodies for there mates or their mates to hear these beautiful melodies it has become harder for birds to survive. With cruises, ships, oil tanks on hold in seas oceans are becoming calmer than ever.

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