Tips to take care of your Linen

care of linen

Linen is a fabric that gets softer with every wash, and that’s the beauty of this fabric. Linen is made from flax stems fibers, and it been used for thousands of years only by royalties. Products like Tablecloths, napkins, sheets made from linen are often passed on to the next generation by grandmothers and mothers. Most of the time people think linen needs special care but the fact it is very easy to care for this fabric. So, we are here equipping with few tips and tricks to wash & store your those lovely tablecloths, or bed linen, etc.

Cleaning Tips & Trick

If you want to wash your linen Tablecloths, napkin, pillow covers in dry cleaning, then read the instruction properly before giving it to your dry cleaner. Mostly structured products like line Blazers, Suits, etc need to through the dry cleaning process as regular washing may destroy its shape. Always try to do a wash test of your product before giving it for washing as colors may bleed while washing, or it may shrink after washing. So it is better if you test a piece of the fabric beforehand.

You don’t have much time to wash your linen and simply want to throw them in the washing machine, & let it do the hard work for you. Turn the wash cycle into a gentle setting, and use the maximum level of water available in your machine. Always wash our linen with lukewarm water, use mild detergents to clean it, & never add any kind of bleaching liquid. Don’t overcrowd your wash cycle at one point of time as it can pull & twist the yarns making your fabric look out of shape. Wash like colors together as many linen products tend to bleed you don’t want to destroy that precious family tablecloth.

If you have planned to hand wash that delicate linen then wash in it in a swish motion. Don’t wring the fabric or twist it or scrub it with a brush it may destroy the weave structure of the fabric. If you have a soiled tablecloth or napkins its best to handwash it as machine wash may destroy its structure to a greater extent. Wine spills or accidental food dirt can be cleaned easily with few spoons of diluted warm vinegar, don’t scrub it. Always read the wash care instruction before washing your linen garments or linen fabrics. If you have bought a pre-washed linen product like our stonewashed tablecloths and napkins it might shrink a bit after your first wash.

Storage Tips

storage ideas

Before storing your linen you must dry your linen properly, as molds may grow on it. Don’t wring your linen garments, after washing as I have already mentioned it may damage the weave. Just simply flat dry linen items try not to use clothespins or hangers as they may leave marks on the fabric. If you a pre-washed linen fabric you can tumble dry it on low temperatures and remove it when its slightly damp and air dry it.

Once it’s completely dried you can fold your linen, and keep them a cool dry place. Avoid any kind of boxes, plastic bags, or any packaging which won’t your fabric to breathe. If you have bought Munio Home linen you would see we give a fabric bag with it, if you want can store your linens in the bags. Linen has an inbuilt quality of being insect repellent,  so don’t worry yourself with that insect repellent.  If you love ironed clothes, bed linens, tablecloths & napkins, then sorry to say to all those you don’t need to iron linen garments as that crease and the crushed look is the beauty of linen. Linen is a magical fabric if you can care for it the longer the life of garments will be.

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