Thinking to redesign or renovate your kitchen this summer, but can’t pick any particular style. Kitchen & Dining space are the hearts of any house because a lot of things happen around food as we all know. The kitchen interior design should illustrate your personality, therefore it’s very important to choose a theme which demonstrates you. So, here are five different themes on how to design your future dream kitchen & dining space according to some future trends.


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There is something special about the Blue color itself, it’s color of sky, oceans & twilights, a color which makes one feel so tranquil, almost heaven. The kitchen is any home is a heart of all the spaces you wake up in the morning go in the kitchen for your morning coffee and breakfast, you end a day in the kitchen with happy memories of everyone gathered around for Dinner. This Powder blue design is perfect for a tranquil and dreamy kitchen, with a blue dining table which is in perfect contrast with black tabletop and pretty chairs. Overall this dreamy kitchen is a paradise for someone who loves to work around the kitchen. You can also use a lot of Art Noveau Blue Glass Vase for an ideal table center or to add colors in the kitchen you can put a Jasmine white tablecloth.

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Grey has a beautiful warmth towards it, usually used in bedroom designs but when used in the kitchen can add a beautiful softness to any interior design.  Grey used with colder blue tones gives a contemporary look to your overall kitchen. This grey kitchen interior displays futuristic traits with its island which can be used as a breakfast bar and a sink top while cleaning. This Urban Grey Kitchen excludes emotion when it meets brown in the most elegant way, three wooden bar-stools are highlighted by the white cabinets. The white cabinets add a sleek look to this overall modular kitchen. You can add a great crystal decanter and wine glass to add a very subtle look to it. If you want to add a little color in it you can place a wired basket filled with fruits.


kitchen interior ideas


Who doesn’t love the countrysides? the smell of green grass, a breeze of fresh air, an array of trees and loads of colorful flowers can make anyone fall in love with it. Out of the hustle and bustle of the urban modern world, just solemn quiet you and nature. If you are a person who loves countrysides then this dining decor idea would be a perfect choice for you. This dining table can be used as a lazy afternoon brunch place or perfect charming candlelight dine area, and its surely gonna impress your guests. You can add colors to it by using clay vase as a Centerpiece, with a bunch of wildflowers or fresh flowers. If you want to add farmers look to your dining interiors then you can add a Wooden Stave for serving, Clay water bottles, Wooden Cutleries & Serveware it’s just gonna add a little wow factor to your dining interior and also whoo your guests.

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Whenever we hear this word Vintage many things come to our minds, like vintage books, cars, Wines, Magazines, etc. But today we have brought you something special, a Vintage Kitchen Interior tips. Mostly used colors in vintage themes are Black fame, Creamy Pink, Moore Woods, Pale green Pines, overjoy yellow. You can hang lots of pots and pans on the top part of your island or above the sink to add a rustic feel to your overall kitchen interiors. A farmhouse sink or island table sounds perfect for such vintage kitchen interiors as it gives a retro elegance and a pro tip is to add lots of primitive wood pieces in your kitchenware. Vintage Kitchen decor should always have things in it which tells you thousand of stories of itself & Munio home decor collection is the best place to find it.


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Once you have kids in your life, they tend to become the center of your universe. So, you need to make sure your home interiors are well furnished to help them grow, & learn along the way. The kitchen is a hub of the home where everyone tends to gather around. It’s always a good idea to have an open kitchen area so you could keep an eye on your notorious ones. You can have colorful kitchen cabinets, especially red or yellow as they tend to increase appetite, & have lower cabinets filled with there cups and plates to let help themselves. You can add a  blackboard in the kitchen so your little ones can draw and doodle or can also write crazy quotes or the menu or doodle the ingredients for cookies and bring your kids in the kitchen to help you and have a fun time. Its always better to use eco-friendly napkins for them as they tend to be hypoallergic towards many fabrics.

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