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We all love monsoons, the sweet petrichor is surrounds us with and the childhood memories it brings back to us. The memory of making paper boats from the pages of our science notebook, wearing cute raincoats to schools, getting drenched in the rain, being scolded by mom and her saying you will get skin infections. Although in all means she was correct monsoon does bring a lot of health problems like dengue, malaria, typhoid, viral hepatitis, stomach infections, etc. It’s necessary to take some precautions during the rain to keep your family safe and yet enjoy the rain. Here are a few health tips for monsoon, follow them.

Do Drink Purified Water

purified water benefits

Water is a common source of life, and also infections during monsoon season, waterborne diseases like cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis, etc. This happens because the water we drink is contaminated with germs. Often the municipality water we consume comes from a nearby river, and during monsoon, these rivers tend to over flood or mix with nearby sewage flow. So, it’s important to drink purified water during monsoon to keep diseases at bay. You or your kids may also get tempted from that roadside Juice Shops, avoid those. As you never have known the water they use is purified water or not. So, it’s best to drink safe purified water to avoid any water-borne disease.

Do Maintain Personal Hygiene

ways to maintain personal hygiene

With the beginning of monsoon, we should start maintaining good personal hygiene, as many germs are sneaking in your home. So keep yourself and your home neat and clean to avoid any kind of disease. Always take shower after getting drenched in rain, dry your hair as damp hair and clothes attract flu causing virus. If you suffer from sore throat drink water from a clay water bottle as they have magical healing properties and it keeps water at a good temperature. Monsoon is a season that provides an ideal condition for insects like flies, mosquito, bedbugs, etc which brings diseases to your home. So it’s best to clean your home inside out.

Do Wear Dry Clothes and Footwear

monsoon health safety tips

With no sun it’s evident that you are left with those damp clothes and shoes. If you are going out and still want to wear your favorite shoes which are still damp strictly avoid them. As damp shoes and clothes make a perfect environment for germs to grow in and evidently to give you skin infections. There are many ways to ensure that you have well-dried clothes and shoes like you can keep a bag of rice or salt in the room where clothes are drying as rice tends to absorb moisture from the air. Also, use good scented detergents or liquid detergents to avoid any musty smelling clothes. And lastly, iron your clothes before wearing them.

Don’t Eat Street and Uncooked  Food

avoid eating street food

During monsoon season we all crave those spicy, and oily food like pakoras with chai. But we should avoid any such fast food or the road stall food as they are the simplest way to attract gastronomic infections or other intestinal problems. As our digestive system weakens during monsoon season, avoid any uncooked, oily spicy food as they make our body feel lazy & sluggish. Consume only home-cooked meals and snacks, avoid stale food, raw fruits, and vegetables. Home-cooked meals are not only nutritious but also boots your immunity. Wash & boil your vegetable thoroughly before to avoid any kind of waterborne disease.

Don’t Let Water Accumulate around your House

avoid stagnant water

Accumulation of water around your house is a common thing in monsoon. If you any have tanks, tires, garbage cans, bottles, flower pots lying around your home, discard them immediately. As these things can accumulate water in it and eventually turn into a breeding house of mosquitoes. If there is a garden pond in your home or a pond near your premises, then keep gambusia fish in it as they decrease the chance of mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes still being a part and parcel of this lovely season, use powerful mosquito repellents in your home to keep mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc at bay. If you want complete protection against mosquito then use mosquito nets at nights and install nets to the doors and windows of your home. 

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