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From people discussing big numbers of investments or a book lover enjoying a hot hazelnut coffee with Agatha Christie or few friends catching up on good old school days over a cup of cappuccino, coffee shops are a go-to place for a wide range of people. The cafe interior designs play a huge role in engaging your guests, increases comfort, and urge them to become your loyal customers. Here are the five best cafe interior decor ideas for your coffee shops.  Either you wanna renovate it or you simply want to open a new one a good decor inspiration is a must. With consumers getting more eco-conscious, you can also get inspired by eco-decor ideas and products, check out our eco-friendly decor products like serve ware, flatware, cups, mugs, vase etc.

Modernistic Decor 

modernist decorating style

The modernist decor idea is one of the most popular design ideas for cafe interior design as it doesn’t demand much, looks very appealing, and contemporary. For this cafe decor idea, you can work with minimal looks, black and neutrals, laconic furniture, potted plants, and black and white photos. The color palette for this look can be brown, taupe, cream, or pure white, this decor idea require very pure zen colors. For Modernistic decor, wood elements should be either inspired by zen culture or Scandinavian Art, modern, minimal, simple yet functional. Overall this Modern Cafe decor is considered the best cafe interior design by some of the renowned cafe designers as it looks warm, cozy, and inviting. what else we want in the cafe?

Retro Touch 

Retro Style Home Decor

Retro cafe decor ideas should always be pretty cozy, you can prefer any of decade or your choice as an inspiration. Add chinaware to serve those heavenly espressos or cappuccino or simply use it as a decor element. Retro years lasted between the 1930s -1970s and this was the years when new materials were explored. So, you can try to use unusual or contradictory elements, like plastic, glass, plexiglass, and plywood. For furniture ideas, you can get inspired form, leather chairs, various floor lamps. It would be best if you can lay your hands reclaimed wood and reclaimed furniture. For the color, choose for neutrals with copper tints, or you can go for bold colors like yellow or pink, these can be pastels. Just keep in mind, it should be comfortable, gracious, and most importantly Instagram-able.

Biblio Love 

best cafe design ideas

Books and a cup of coffee, the perfect start to a day. An English novelist Anthony Trollope, once said “What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book and a cup of coffee?” Well, in my opinion, there’s nothing better. Coffee and book shops or library or Biblio themed cafe interior idea is a very trending idea. Most of them take decor ideas from both Modern and Industrial cafe interior, but you can add lots of creative lighting in it. You can also add personal and cozy corners for customers to read book it while they enjoy there favorite cup of coffee. For the color options look for happy, comfy colors like Blue, Yellow, Orange, and add rustic wooden accents just to make it look extra cozy.

Factory-made look 

Factor Made Look Decor

A factory-made themed cafe takes inspiration from industries, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. Industrial cafe decor idea is one most prevalent cafe interior design ideas as it’s budget-friendly and looks very appealing. Many well-known coffee shops keep their walls with original bricks-clad or highlight them with paintings. Also, you can keep those exposed pipes on ceilings as they are an essential part of industrial cafe decor idea, so go ahead and keep them too. Use a lot of utilitarian materials, like Leather, copper, stone, etc. add metal accents by using stainless steel baskets or metal stools and tables. Use industrial components like gears, nuts, and bolts or hang industrial lamps from the ceiling. To make the cafe interior look comfier add wooden pallets and place free indoor plants. For color palette go for darker hues like gray, black, tan, white, and darker tones, like maroon.

Homey Feel 

homey feeling decorating

 “If rustic life in a country is healthful to the body it is no less so the mind”. Rustic cafe interior design emphasizes on more organic & natural elements like plants in pots, plant walls, and flowers. you can also get inspired many other country cultures of different places, Farmhouse interiors, or just make a difference by getting inspired from woods. For colors, you can go for neutral hues, such as tan, cream, brown, and green. To add farmhouse elements use wooden pallets or vintage milk cans, flour, sugar jars, etc, add more reclaimed furniture like used picnic tabled to add rugged beauty to the interiors. You can use wicker baskets to serve or simply add it as a decor element or add other wicker elements like wicker lamps, furniture, etc to add a little country feel in the cafe.

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