anniversary gift ideas for couples

A wedding anniversary is a very special occasion, it’s a mark of togetherness, that you have crossed one year unitedly with love and a million memories with each other. Altogether it’s a celebration of your relationship, a year more gone with a collection of million memories made with joy, sorrow, hate, love, anger, etc. And there also comes a huge pressure to gift her something special, something thoughtful. For all the men out there who are facing trouble thinking of what to gift her. Here is a list of anniversary gift ideas for your better half.

Handcrafted Vase – For your Home Decorator

Does your spouse love to decorate your home? Then this anniversary gift idea is perfect for her. A handcrafted vase is the most special thing you can give her, and surely it will add a rustic demeanor to your safe haven. This anniversary gift idea holds very symbolic meaning to it, gifting a crystal handcrafted glass vase shows that your relationship is clear and an honest one. It also represents your love for the immersive world that you both created for each other, around you. This thoughtful gift is perfect for your spouse, or as an anniversary gift idea for your parents too as a vase also symbolizes maternal love, making it perfect to gift your mom.

Aroma Candle – For spa

This anniversary gift idea is really a special one, aromatherapy candles hold a lot of healing properties, and it eases you into relaxation. Aromatherapy candles will help your lady love to create their own special oasis and transform an ordinary space into a peaceful home sanctuary. It will also help her relax on a weekend afternoon, losing those knots she has gathered around the week. Rose and lavender aroma candles can also be used to create the most amazing romantic dinner atmosphere. And give her a special spa moment by putting some aroma candles, aroma oil diffusers, spa music, bath salts, and other self-pampering stuff in a basket. This DIY anniversary spa gift basket will surely do its magic.

anniversary gift ideas for wife

Handcrafted Tea Cups – For Tea or Coffee Sippers

Does your spouse love to drink coffee or tea? or she loves to have her morning coffee or her evening teas? Yes, then give her an amazing handcrafted crystal glass mug. A cup would be a perfect gift as she starts her with a cup of coffee or tea of her choice. These cups will remind her of you. And trust me, there is nothing that can set a ideal morning mood than a perfectly brewed tea or coffee. A perfect handcrafted coffee mug which has a great elegant touch to her evening teas. And ultimately, a cup is a long-lasting gift, a gift which means the happiness of being there for your loved one.

Handcrafted Clay Water Bottles – For Health Conscious

A handcrafted clay water bottle is an amazing gift for your wife, it comes with many magical healing properties, and it’s a very healthy addition to your kitchen. A clay water bottle comes with many benefits like it balances the Ph level of water and many more. (read complete blog on benefits of a clay water bottle). If your spouse is eco-conscious or health-conscious, then she is gonna love this gift as clay water bottles don’t harm nature in any way and yes it comes with many health benefits. Most importantly it will make her feel more connected to mother nature.

Wine Glass – For Wine Enthusiasts

Is your wife a wine enthusiast? or she enjoys a glass of wine with her dinner? Yes, a handcrafted wine glass will be the most special gift to her. As Napoleon has very well said “every celebration needs wine”, but for a precise wine sip you need a more excellent wine glass. A handcrafted wine glass makes sure that every sip you take, makes you feel heaven. Keep note to check those glasses are lead-free, as many wine glass crafts add lead to the glass while making it to create a crystal clear look. All in all, it will be a perfect addition to her wine glass collection.

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