9 Different Types of Wine Glasses

types of wine glasses and their names

Are you a wine enthusiast? or you just love sipping wines in the comfort of your home? Every wine needs a perfect wine glass which is made for it. Most of the people just have two or three kinds of wine glasses at home, which is more or less sufficient for a household but what you want to take that experience to a new level. Then you must learn about different types of wine glass made for those exquisite wine.

Table Of Contents

  1. Bord?¿eaux wine glass
  2. Cabernet wine glass
  3. Rose wine glass
  4. Chardonnay wine glass
  5. Viognier wine glass
  6. Sparkling wine glass
  7. Port wine glass
  8. Sherry wine glass
  9. Vintage wine glass

Bordeaux Wine Glass

bordeaux red wine

These red wine glasses have earned a reputation of being one of the tallest red wine glasses, with much small bowl than most of the other wine glass. Bordeaux wine glass is perfect for full-bodied wine like
Merlot or Cabernet, its shape ensures that you will have a great wine experience. As this wine glass is tall, it travels directly to the back of your mouth which ensures that you would taste the amazing wine. 

Cabernet Wine Glass

cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Wine glass is one tallest of all red wine glass, with a much wider bowl which is specially created to enhance the aroma of the wine. This is also a reason which allows your delicate wine to breathe properly. It is very important that when you are sipping wine from this glass you don’t want to overfill it as if it affects the taste, smell, and enjoyment of the wine. Wine should be pored in smaller amounts to ensure that wine is completely aerated when you drink it.

Rose Wine Glass

rose glasses wine

Rose glasses have a longer stem which makes sure that you don’t heat the wine from your hand. There are two types of rose wine glasses one with a small bowl and a flared lip and another one with a smaller bowl and tapered lips. Both of them are fine for drinking wine, but mostly flared lip glass is preferred to drink younger wines. Younger wines are generally less sweet than the aged ones and hence, the flared lip will directly hit wine to your sensitive taste buds.

Chardonnay Wine Glass

chardonnay white wine

A good Chardonnay glass will be similar in shape to a pinot noir wine glass but little smaller, which makes it perfect for younger white wines which you enjoy on the side and tip of your tongue. This will let you enjoy the sweetness of the young wines which otherwise may not seem so sweet when drinking from a larger mouth glass. The chardonnay wine glass has a pretty wider bowl with the top that only narrows a little bit. This particular shape of the glass ensures that you enjoy the warmth and the deliciousness of the wine.

Viognier Wine Glass

viognier wine

The viognier wine glass has a smaller bowl than any other sweet wine glass and a more open rim, this is because the wine should not come in contact with the air. As the wine when coming in contact with the air, oxygen can instantly destroy the well-prized aromas of it. The wine drunk in this glass should be a little sweeter, hence the shape of the glass can offer you the best drinking experience. You don’t need to worry about losing those amazing floral notes of the wine when you choose this wine glass.

Vintage Wine Glass

vintage crystal wine glass

A vintage wine glass adds a lot of charm to your drinking experience, but this particular wine glass is not the best one to drink wine from. These glasses are not typically designed to improve any flavor or that aroma of the wine you would love to enjoy. So drinking wine out of these glasses may make it taste better than others, mostly if you love experimenting with the taste and aromas of the wine than you should go for it. Even after knowing these many people prefer drinking wine from it as it creates happy memories.

Sparkling Wine Glass

sparkling wine types

Sparkling Or Champagne wine glass is much smaller than the other white wine glass and perfectly straight. This particular shape helps the glass to hold the carbonated wine and allows it to move on your tongue. Also, this wine glass ensures that your wine doesn’t go flat, and the narrow mouth allows those delicious aromas to flow up. The wider base of the wine glass makes sure that you don’t tip over or spill the champagne, you don’t want to destroy your dress in the middle of a party.

Port Wine Glass

port wine drinking glasses

A Traditional port wine glass is a smaller and much thinner when compared to a Bordeaux wine glass, but both have a similar shape. A port glass can mostly hold up to 177 ml to 350 ml of wine, you shouldn’t overfill your wine glass. Fill your glass halfway, if you want to enjoy your port wine or a dessert wine, to ensure you enjoy the aromas of beautiful dessert wine. Most of the port wines or dessert wine are stronger than with an alcohol content of 20% and with concentrated aromas.

Sherry Wine Glass

sherry glass

A sherry wine glass is specifically made to hold and serve sherry is mostly drunk in between a meal as a palate cleanser. These glasses have a very similar shape to that of a port wine glass. They usually have a longer stem to ensure the quality of the drink remains the same while being drunk and has a very small opening for a mouth. This small opening directs the aromas of sherry wine to your nose and mainly ensures that you can experience the smallest refinements of delicious sherry. Also, you can invest in lead-free glass decanter as it helps to remove any kinds sediments present in the wine.
Also, you can invest in a lead-free glass decanter as it helps you remove any kinds of sediments present in the wine. Sediments are often present in an aged wine-like full-bodied red wines or dessert wines, as they age tannin’s and other color pigmentation’s fall out and form sediments. Also, it helps in aeration of the wine which is very important to enhance the flavors and aromas of it. Why don’t you get all these wine glasses for you elegant minibar and a perfect decanter make sure they all are lead-free & ?¿handcrafted with love.

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