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Diffusers are a tiny little magical object which which can fill up a space with aromatic oils & transforms it into tranquil heaven. You can always add aromatherapy in your daily wellness for added benefits of it. These reed diffusers with essential oils are best to add constant fragrance to the room and unlike a candle, you don’t need to bother about it.

If you keep such diffusers in your living area and make your guests feel welcomed nobody likes a stinky home. You can also add this little magical pot in your working space, it would always make you feel calm & help you concentrate more


There are many advantages of using diffusers like inhaling essential oil aroma helps with decongestion of nose, cold & cough. Some aromas help you relieve anxiety by calming down nerves and it also helps in getting better sleep. Diffusers have one major benefit is that you don’t need to keep an eye on it as you would do with a candle. Diffusers can be kept at a place where you would feel it can’t be touched by kids, pets and keeps your home feeling fresh all-time without any worry. You don’t need to bother about an oil diffuser kept on a high shelf for months as it work endlessly.


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Cinnamon has one of the most pleasant aromas, it is too hard to define an aroma with both sweet & some spicy notes, but cinnamon aroma is quite an exception consisting of both sweet & spicy notes. The aroma of cinnamon diffuser will surely remind you of a lot of baked sweet items, especially of those cream filled cinnamon buns. Cinnamon oil consists of cinnamaldehyde which according to some studies is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon oil has always been known to heal many health problems like cold, cough, & constipation. Besides these benefits, it also stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress, relieves pain, fights off many kinds of infection, improves digestion & wards off insects. So, keeping a cinnamon reed diffuser will provide you with tons of health benefits.



Clove is an aroma that brings you warmth, it just smells like a warm hug on a bad day. This aroma evokes much olfactory sense with its heavenly mix of woody, sweet-spicy, fruity & dusty tones. Inhaling clove oil can help you with sore throat, cold & cough during flu seasons, as it is known to have inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from headaches due to the stress at work or home, keep a clove oil diffuser in your study as it tends to ease it by reducing stress. It helps in indigestion, treats nausea during menses & is a great insect repeller.


This particular diffuser has fresh notes of floral which can take you to Scottish forests, being floral it still smells very masculine because of underline woody and mossy undertones. Heather aroma has many benefits as it helps in easing cold, cough and respiratory problems. If you have a problem sleeping or you suffer from insomnia then placing a heather aroma diffuser would surely help you in it by easing your anxiety and reducing stress. It also helps women who suffer from PCOs or PCOD discomfort, or menopausal distress.


This heavenly diffuser smells like crispy, woody, sweet, earthy & fruity tones, the aroma itself takes you for a walk in the jungles where you can sniff the woody forest and earthy soil. Juniper oil has many health benefits it kills most of the airborne diseases and purifies the air. In many spiritual practices, juniper is used during meditation or while offering prayer as it purifies the air & reduces the negativity in it. Juniper reed diffuser is an excellent choice to help you relax in the evening with a good cup of tea/coffee and a novel of your choice.


Lavender the most loved aromas, this particular aroma smells floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous with a good hint of fruity notes and an undertone of camphor. This lavender diffuser is gonna be a wonderful thing in your home, it has many antibacterial purifying the air. It has a nice calming effect so after a bad day, you can put this in your bathroom & relax in a hot tub( Bring your spa home!). It promotes sleep by calming your stress & anxiety as it has sedative properties. This aroma of Lavender oil diffuser can take you for a walk in fine meadows of lavender.


This Aztec flower has derived its name from Mother mary hence being called as marigold because of the golden yellow color. The aroma of marigold is very hay-toned, earthy, rich, musty with middle tones of honey and undertones of citrusy lemon-like aroma. Calendula oil or Marigold oil has many antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This aroma when inhaled regularly can help you get better skin and curb acne Inhaling marigold oil has a great effect to relax body spasm during illness or menstruation due to its relaxant properties. You can keep a marigold oil reed diffusers when you have a cold as it promotes good respiratory health by decongesting your nose in time of cold & flu.


This masculine aroma has woody, citrusy, white floral tones with musky middle tones and undertoned with sweet & spicy aroma. Moss essential oil diffuser, when inhaled in the morning, for sure make you feel like taking a hike amidst a forest, Such a divine feeling. Moss has many anti-inflammatories, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Moss oil diffuser is the best choice if you want to use some aroma during your home spa as it soothes the skin and maintains oil & moisture in it. Moss oil has a great expectoration effect, it is one of the oldest known natural expectorants, it pulls out the phlegm giving you relief. And most importantly it doesn’t make you sleepy.


Rose diffuser has an intense romantic aroma, it is well known as the king of flowers and king of aroma by much well-known perfume manufacturers. It has top notes of floral, fresh middle notes of lemon and base notes of wood. This Rose Oil Diffuser is sure to make your home feel like a garden of rose, Rose aroma also helps in elevating stress when you focus on scent, it also relieves women from any pregnancy discomfort and reduces stress. It’s a good aroma if you are planning to have a very intimate candlelit dinner with your spouse or husband. Rose aroma is good for skin, it aids anxiety and helps your body & mind to relax. Rose aroma has many antibacterial properties, place a reed diffuser on a high shelf and enjoy a bacteria-free space.

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