Benefits of clay pot cooking

As a kid, when we all used to go on a trip to our grandma’s house we would enjoy a hearty meal of handi dal or either handi chicken. But did we ever realize what gave those dishes that aromas or that amazing flavor? Well, mostly it was her love for cooking and the traditional clay pots. Clay pots have been used for cooking since ages, even ayurveda firmly recommends using traditional clay pots for cooking because of the various health benefits.

Let’s know more about health benefits this age-old method of cooking in clay pots gives to us.

1. Adds New Aroma & Flavors to Food 

Adds new flavors

The aromas the earthen clay pots supplement to our food can’t be matched to food cooked in any other pots & pans. Clay utensils are created from clay which is alkaline by nature. This cool feature of the clay lets it combine with the acidity of the food cooked in it, hence balancing the pH level of the food. Balancing the pH level in food also protects you from various health issues like osteoporosis, cancer, kidney issues, etc. The scrumptious meals prepared in clay are also high in many micro nutrients like magnesium, potassium, iron, etc. which are much needed for our body to function.

2. Microwave Safe

microwave safe bowl

Many Clay utensils are microwave safe, mostly it is said to use unglazed clay pots to microwave your food. Even if you love to bake your food in the oven, you can use clay pots to prepare an amazing meal in the oven. It’s best to use heavier or thicker bottom clay pots if you are using it in a microwave or open. However, as we all know clay ware is breakable and must be protected from any unnecessary temperature shocks like a sudden drop of temperatures can lead cracks in your pots. If you want to reheat your food kept in an earthenware plate, then let it come to room temperature first and then microwave it.

3. Keeps Food Wholesome & Nutritive

Clay pots or clay ware are porous, this lets heat, moisture, and Steam to distribute evenly throughout the cooking process. This more effective way of cooking method lets your meals hold more nutritive value than the food cooked in any other technological advanced cooking methods. Also, the meats cooked in it are juicier, tender overall it’s a meaty heaven for meat lovers. Clay ware is the wisdom of our ancestors, which has been overthrown by its successors like non-stick pots & pans which is easy to use in our busy lifestyle. But just stop for a moment and think about these humble clay and why our ancestors loved it so much.

4. Good for Heart 

Good for Heart Health

As we all know, excess usage of cooking oils is one of the foremost reasons for weight gain. And the weight comes with many health problems like High Blood Pressure, High cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart strokes, and many more. So, if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from such health issues, then it’s more beneficial to use clay utensils to cook food. Clay utensils or clay pots being porous requires less or very little cooking oil to cook food. Earthenware takes a lot of time to heat, therefore, cooking the food at a slower pace, keeping the natural moisture and oils in the food.

5. Best for Dairy Products

milk in clay pot

Milk or dairy or dairy products are a perishable item that is used by us in our daily lives. Clay pots are one of the safest methods to whether you want to boil milk, set curd, or make cheese in it. Many veteran chefs in India have said clay ware adds an aroma, improves taste, and enhances the texture of the dairy stored in it. This is the reason why Mishti Doi (Sweet Curd) famous in Bengal is set and served in clay cups. Well, if you wanna know the difference then try setting curd/yogurt in an earthen pot or bowl, you will understand the rustic aroma it adds to it.

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