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If we see from the geographical point of view, every birthday we celebrate is like going around the sun. Birthday is the most special occasion of one’s life, you got your loved ones present around. And importantly you get gifts which make this occasion extra special. So, here are some gift ideas which makes your loved once very special.



We all know this very well, that you don’t need a special occasion to get a present for those special ladies in your life. Whether you are her brother, husband, BFF, fiance etc. You may get blank when thinking of that perfect gift to give on her birthday. So here a list of unique gifts, that she would love to open.

  • Candles/Diffusers

birthday gift ideas best friend	- Candles

A candle is one of the timeless gifts, which you can give your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend etc. It lasts long, candles are perfect birthday gifts for your loved ones, they can douse themselves in a decadent rose aroma or a soothing lavender aroma to calm their nerves after a long day. With the help of an aroma candle, they can create their oasis of calm and relax. A good organic candle can benefit them in meditation and achieve inner peace.

  • Champagne Glass

happy birthday gift ideas - Champaign glass

A champagne glass is not just a good gift it’s a great gifting option to give your partner. No celebration is complete without a glass of champagne & to drink this perfect bubbly beverage you do need an excellent glass. A good pair of handcrafted champagne glasses is an eternal birthday gift idea.
And every time she takes a sip from that charming glass, it will for sure revive her of those moments when you both enjoyed your champagne.

  • Tea Cups

birthday gift ideas men - Handmade tea cups

A set of handcrafted glass tea cups or coffee cups is an excellent birthday gift idea for your mothers, wives, sisters or anyone. It’s one of the most versatile gifts as let’s agree who doesn’t love to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Gifting tea cups has loads of symbolic meaning but most important one is it exemplifies to give hope, as tea and tea cup is a power couple, this pair symbolizes hope.
A hope that tomorrow will be a better day just take five mins for yourself, and let your mind escape.



Gifting can also be trying for women and especially if you are looking for that present for your husband, father, BFF or boyfriend. Sometimes you may get frustrated whether he will like that gift or not, or it can be that you can’t think of one unique gift. So, to save you from stress we have listed three most thoughtful gift ideas for him. Make him feel special on his special day. And don’t worry your special one will surely enjoy unwrapping your gift.

  • Clay Bottle

birthday gift ideas for boyfriend - Handmade clay bottles


A clay bottle may not be the gift that would come to your mind, but a perfect handcrafted clay bottle can be a thoughtful gift for your spouse or father. Clay bottles don’t only serve one purpose of drinking water but also have many added health benefits (to know more about the health benefits of clay bottles, read our previous blog). If your husband, father, BFF or boyfriend is an environment enthusiast then surely he will love this birthday gift.

  • Decanter

birthday gift ideas boy - Decanter

Does your spouse love to collect bar ware? or is he a liquor connoisseur? If yes, then a perfect handcrafted lead-free glass decanter is a perfect birthday gift for him. Decanter is a staple for liquor enthusiasts around the globe as it provides a sophisticated impression when pouring or storing a spirit. Decanters are a perfect option to store whiskey, bourbon or scotch and showcase all your fancy liquors in style. Decanting has a benefit – it opens up the flavors of the spirit making it more aromatic and flavorful. 

  • Wine Glass

ideas of birthday gift for husband	- wine glasses

A wine glass is an excellent birthday gift for him, as a good wine glass goes a long way in setting the mood for the party. If he enjoys finer things in life, like red wine or white wine, then surely he will appreciate these handcrafted wine glasses. Just keep a note to look for that right glass, as it will enhance both the flavor of the wine and also the look of wine.


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