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Indoor gardening is one of the most wondrous ways to achieve a stylish look for your home. This garden idea can liven up any space and a unique tranquil feeling to it. Planting home indoors is like blessing a room with life and emotions, this plant buddy of yours won’t only add colors and feeling but also it improves the air quality. Here are some beautiful indoor garden ideas for your home, office, and even you can add this indoor garden to your cafe if you are planning to open one. You can also read our blog on cafe decor ideas.

Vertical Planters

vertical wall planters

Are you short on surfaces for a new home garden? or Do you live in an apartment? or You love fresh herbs in your meals. Then this indoor garden idea is perfect for it and is easier to make with few hanging planters, soil, seeds or plants, etc. Take an old wooden frame and add some succulents, cactus to it, and hang them in your living room or you can add more such frames for a dramatic look. This will add a whiff of green to your living room. You can buy a DIY vertical herb garden kit or up cycle a few old jars to create a mini  vertical herb garden for your kitchen just make sure to keep in a place with plenty of sunlight. You can also work with few hydroponics or air plants for your vertical garden and they require minimal maintenance.

Atrium Garden

atrium garden design ideas

Do you have space or an empty room in your home?  or you wanna add beautiful flowers to your balcony? then you can convert this space into your atrium or flower garden. Plan a landscape for your garden, choose your favorite flowers, plant it in pots, add it to your atrium, or balcony or deck and voila you have an indoor flower garden. This garden will liven up any space by adding colors and the best part by adding amazing aromas to the place. This atrium garden is good for people who love to be surrounded by nature on a lazy afternoon, and a great novel in hand.

Fairy Garden

fairy garden plants

Love fairies or magic or a huge fan pixie hollow then add a fairy garden to your home and what’s more magical than a garden. Use tiny butterflies or furniture or cars, animals, house, etc and place them in your fairy garden to make it extra special. This fairy garden is a great idea to get your kids involved in gardening, just say them a garden fairy will live there. You can use old jars, teacups, use miniature plants, moss, or broken pots to create a fairyland. You can add a little centerpiece like a small fairy or fae or home and surround it with an animal or mini garden set up. Anyway, you design it for sure it will be enchanting.

Zen Garden


zen garden ideas

Zen garden is one most tranquil garden idea as it has many benefits like reducing stress, increasing focus, and promoting a sense of well being. Zen gardens highlight the beliefs of naturalness (Shizen), purity (Kanso), and gravity (Koko).In earlier ages, Zen Buddhist priests made the first zen gardens to help in meditation. You can make your indoor zen garden using rocks, sands in a different pattern which symbolize either ocean or river for a calming effect and add little plants. This feature of the zen garden makes it an ideal office garden setting. And most importantly it will help your employees to relax and calm down. You can use this indoor garden idea for your home to create an oasis in any room.

Water Garden


water garden ideas


If you are a fan of Feng Shui, aquariums, interior decor then this garden idea is surely for you. An indoor water garden adds a whimsical touch to any space, keep it on your office desk or any tabletop or just place it on the dining table. You can choose any water plant from floaters with leaves floating on the surface and roots down below to hydrogenic plants that grow inside water. Choose the right spot, where it can have 6 – 7 hours of optimum sunlight. You can add in little pebbles or stones to the bottom of the container, also a little ceramic fish just for the company.

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