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MUNIO home is 100 different stories of home, lived through objects. Clean, true & eco-friendly products thereby making them rich and grand treasures. The stories of the people who create our exquisite handcrafted products, a tale of the home built with unifying two people, how we create a home. We move inside our home & the home encloses us with our dreams, passion, desire, thoughts, how we grow ourselves and help others to grow. We make sure that everything which surrounds you is alive from a handcrafted glass vase to bowls cradled in the loving hands of its crafter. We promise to deliver eco-friendly handcrafted products that are inspired by nature & crafted with lores.


MUNIO home glassware collection is a tale of the beautiful and exquisite glass products handcrafted by the master glassblowers of Latvia country. The coalescence of two basic elements of nature, sand & fire gives origin to this beautiful glass. Each product is made under keen eyes of craftsmen & their skilled hands turn glass into artistic glassware. All glass bottles, vases, mugs, tumblers & wine glass made by us are eco-friendly as they are made from 100% recycled glass, preserving natural resources and singing you the thousand broken, unbroken stories. A soul is blown into glassware, that comes to life when grandma pours camomile tea over it. When you hold the glass bottle, the souls in it start to speak. About a lore, a tale of a rainbow that dampens the air after a soothing summer rain. About the glassblower who read books about traveling around the world & dreams of someday doing the same. As we all know eco-friendly products have their own health benefits. Our glassware ranges are not only beneficial to nature but also enriches you with many health benefits like it doesn’t release any toxic to the food, which is lead-free


“Clay in the right hands can turn into a gorgeous artwork.”, it has been rightly said that clay can be molded into a wonderful eco-friendly product in a potter’s hand. Every earthenware crafted by us is made from the clay of a mystical river called Rauna, Europe. The skilled hands of potter turn this beautiful clay into fine Earthy Clay water bottles, fire hardens them to perfection. Firstly, the collected clay is placed on a lathe, where it grows in the hands of master craftsmen. With fire, it hardens and the master polishes each product with hands until the product becomes frosted and brown. Each clay vase, plate, bowl and bottles etc sing lore of the potter’s home, where the lilies she picked earlier from the forest are waiting to get watered. Those raspberries that are anticipating to be made into jam and shared by others, soon her home smells are freshly made jam and bread. There are many health benefits of using MUNIO home products (read: health benefits of using clay bottles).


MUNIO home eco-friendly candle gives you an occasion to feel enveloped by a flowering meadow or a sunlit forest at a moment’s notice. To enjoy the candle’s power to capture your heart and radiate warmth from within. With great care, as if it were a fragile gem, the candle maker arranges the wick. After caressing the wick like a time-honored friend, the warm soy wax flows into the glass. With the smells of fresh mint, world-traveled marigold, relaxing lavender and sweet rose garden. Then she makes the wax rounds with cinnamon sticks and bilberry leaves, and the birch candle in clay hands. And the candle in a tin can as if swiped from an artist’€™s studio. The light from her candles falls, yielding peace and harmony. Our aroma candles allow people to be themselves. To be a romantic lover who wants to linger in the memories of summer holidays in the countryside.


MUNIO home eco-friendly handcrafted linen collection is a story of the weavers whose ancestors once made fine blankets for the french king. The women laugh as trinkets and say men ran out of patience so they weave their heritage and stories in the linen tablecloth. Each table runner, each ash grey tablecloth has a soul in it. As the Weavers often say “Go wind on the soul!â€? The yarns are arranged one by one in the loom and the stringed yarns are strengthened. In the weaving process the master’s hands, legs, and head are involved until the product is weaved. Thread by thread and the yarns start to talk, about the daughters who sing in the greatest opera but still know how to weave their folk costumes. And about the weaver whose house smells of lemon because she grows one in a pot. Then the weaved fabric is re-measured by the next master & sewed up in different handcrafted products like tablecloth, runners, blankets and pillowcase etc. 


An age-old tree covered with moss and rough barks that had spent the long summer night’s alone is gently held in the master’s hand. A block of wood submits to a saw that cuts through it like butter. The wooden piece is prepared for the processing, firstly it’s cut in the form and the master starts the work by carving the wooden spoon. Then it is ground and finally oiled with the linseed oil which is used in the food. Smooth as a baby’€™s cheek, with the aroma of a summer swelter. The master, who calls himself the Ferryman, puts it by the others and sets off home to a pine log house that someday his son and daughter will inherit. Each eco-friendly spoon, knife, blade & fork formed by the master speaks about a land where the folk taps the juices of trees in the spring to make wine. About eminent poets who travel their childhood places and clear overgrown forest paths. We all should make sure to eco-friendly products in our daily life as they not only economical but also preserve natural resources.


MUNIO home objects are crafted by masters of the resort city of Jurmala. The handicrafts skills are handed over from generation to generation, each family has its secrets. Each object is made by a master craftsman, is a keeper of old traditions – made with care, slowly and thoughtfully. Objects are mainly different kinds of baskets and the pad. All the baskets can be used for similar purposes – like design objects, for magazines, for pillows, for blankets. The wooden pad with aluminum design details can be used as an interior design object, as a pad for example hot dishes.

Wrap your home & yourself with MUNIO home range of eco-friendly products created through the symbiosis of past and present, ancient tradition, & interpreted through contemporary design

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