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Aries | Rhombus Pillowcase: Arians are the most upbeat, positive, and merry people who love to enjoy life to its fullest. Aires embraces a burst of color just like their personality when it comes to home decor products. This is a reason we should always think about home decor ideas that add a dash of color like calla blue or mango yellow. This Rhombus Black & Grey Linen Pillowcase would add a pop of color to their living or entertaining space. This Rhombus woven pillowcase will also let their intellectual and artistic side.?¿


Taurus | Leather Baskets: Taureans enjoy serene, comforting, and home decor products which add a sense of tidiness to their haven. Taurus rules luxury, they need to live in a comfortable space that has the best of both worlds. Their home decor should always have a fine taste and love to host parties in style. These Leather lined steel baskets will surely add a sense of tidiness & also add a hint of luxury to their living space. It comes with a neutral shade that will for sure complement the dream space of a Taurean.

Gemini | Coffee Mugs: Geminians are high spirited and intellectually curious people, they tend to be a very sociable person. They are known as the social butterfly in the sun sign group, who loves to host buzzing tea parties, dinner parties etc. This classic crystal clear tea mug is one of the best home decor products they can have. As this twin sign can’t settle for one particular style for long, this classic glass mug will surely do its magic. This glass mug is best for socially over-chatty Geminis to hold tea parties and as we all know a lot can happen over tea!!

Cancer | Clay Bottle: Cancer is a sign that loves glancing back to the beautiful past and loves to have home decor which brings the essence of culture. This clay bottle is the perfect piece for Cancer as they care deeply about their family. So, a clay bottle that has many health benefits and most importantly it’s part ancestral wisdom. Cancer enjoys cooking, hosting parties, and entertaining their family and friends so a good earthy clay bottle is a must home decor item. This clay bottle also adds a rustic touch to the overall dining setting.

Leo | Wine Glass: Leo is an elegant and fancy sun sign and loves to possess refined home decor products. Their home is a castle of exotic styles with an abundance of natural lights and bold colors. Leos loves to host a large formal dinner party with fine dinnerware for their family and friends. This crystal wine glass will surely add a magical charm to the overall dining setting. Being handcrafted by the master glassblowers of Latvia this wine glass will add an elegant charm to their wine experience. ?¿


Virgo | Clay Bowl: Virgos has the most logical, realistic, and methodical way of life, they have an ingrained presence in the materialistic world. A Virgo tends to the perfectionist sun sign and loves to possess clean, zen-like home decor products. This earthy clay bowl will surely add a materialistic feature to their dining setting. Virgo is an earth sign that can connect to the energies of this earthy bowl crafted from the mystical clay of river Rauna. This dinnerware is a great gift idea for your Virgo friends as they have an affinity to cook and learn new recipes.?¿


Eco friendly home decor products


Libra | Clay Vase: Libra is a romantic sign who loves being surrounded by lofty calm vibes, and serene pastel shades of nature. This star sign is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty, hence they love stylish and elegant home decor products. A beautiful clay vase filled with pretty lilies or pastel rose will surely add an elegant charm to their safe-haven. Flowers will add a whole new vibe to space which Librans surely seem to enjoy. A handcrafted clay vase makes itself a flawless home decor even when empty.

Scorpio | White Linen Tableware:
Scorpio is a great water sign highly intuitive, emotional, and driven by power and passion. There are two kinds of scorpions, those who only prefer white for their magical home and others with dark elements. As scorpions incline towards white we have chosen a peaceful realm of Jasmine white linen tablecloth. This home decor product is handwoven adding a subtle creative hint to their dining setting. As Scorpios believe in deep, soulful connection this tranquil white linen tablecloth will help them develop good connections to their family, friends, or soulmate.

Sagittarius | Linden Candle:
Sagittarius is a traveller zodiac sign, they are very passionate about the journey and collecting memories from every place they travel to. They embrace the earthy aroma of outdoors, beautiful flowers, fruits, etc. A linden candle will surely make them feel like walking in a European meadow filled with linden trees. As they have a deep sense of nature most of the home decor products are either recycled or reused items. This candle comes with a reusable votive that can be used to store small things.

Capricorn | Wooden Cutlery: A Capricorn loves to possess old, rustic home decor products, from grandpa’s old clocks to mom’s old wooden cabinetry. They want every element in their home to possess some warm feel and practicality in it. Wooden cutlery can be a great addition to these zodiac sign home decor. Wooden cutlery has been used by our ancestors for ages, in fact the first known cutlery was made from small twigs. Wooden cutlery doesn’t only have ancestral essence to it but is far more practical as it aids in digestion and adds nutritive value to your food.

Aquarius | Glass Vase: Aquarius is a zodiac sign that loves independence, nature, and being an eco-friendly influencer to their family and friends. They tend to possess a minimalistic style for their home decor products which focus on simple ways of life. They might have the cosiest home but they will have impeccable art pieces. This handcrafted crystal glass vase will surely suit their style; its design is purely minimal. It is made from recycled glass making it an absolute must-have for this eco-influencer. This Handcrafted Glass vase filled with flowers will make this mystical healer feel bliss.

Pisces | Blue Water Bottle:
Pisces is the most creative, emotional zodiac sign they treasure solitude and do well in a quiet room with music. Pisces being water sign they are drawn to oceanic colors like blue, sea-green, or dreamy colors. This glass blue water bottle is a must-have home decor product as it looks dreamy, relaxing which this ocean drawn sign looks for. For a Piscean, home is a place to daydream and this bottle will do its part.

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