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Few utensils in the kitchen are absolute must-have, one doesn’t need fancy pots or that impressive top-notch equipment like a blow torch, cherry pitters, etc. But even a Michelin star chef can’t work without sturdy wooden kitchen utensils, he/she always uses one (even top-notch chefs use it). Wood is a sturdy material, it can last for decades in your kitchen if cared for properly and is the most versatile equipment in a kitchen. The earliest known version of a wooden spoon was from the paleolithic era, a piece of wood used in scooping up foods. Wooden spoons have also been found along with tons of gold & silver in Egyptian tombs, symbolizing it was useful enough in the afterlife. All the while, wooden spoons have played an important role in the kitchen around the world. 

Advantages of using Wooden Utensils

what is the use of wooden spoon

Wooden kitchen utensils not only has a long and varied history but there versatility and durability have made it worthwhile using it. Wooden cooking utensils don’t heat up fast to high temperatures or chemically react to any acidic foods, or scratch the base of the pots & pans like there metal counterparts do (you don’t want to destroy that expensive non-stick pans). They also don’t leech any harmful chemicals or melt at a high temperature or add any strange flavors to your food as plastic does. A wooden spoon can be used to stir any kind of dish in any vessel. It can be used in multiple things like to mix lemon and mint for a whiskey mash, fold together pancake batter, or stop over boiling your favorite macaroni & cheese. Wooden kitchen utensils last forever in your kitchen and look quite home even at a stove or in your dining table, & trust me when I say this it’s just getting better looking with age, liken Helen Mirren.

Care & Storage Tips 

Most of the cooking enthusiasts have this question in their minds, How to care for Wooden kitchen utensils? Are they hygienic to use? Wooden spoons (Cookware, Serve ware, Flatware) Wooden Stave, Cutting Boards, & other few items are must-have products in your kitchen. Wood is a natural material and consists of more antibacterial properties than any other man-made object. Trees in there natural state fight with infections, bacteria, molds, and when it no longer a living body still has the same properties.

To give your lovely wooden utensils and other wooden tools a longer life & better shape follow these simple tips :

  • Always hand wash wooden utensils with some lukewarm water mild soap. Although you might think you can throw them in the dishwasher and your job is done, but don’t dishwasher works on high water temperatures, and this dry out the wood. Leading to cracks in the wood destroying the life wooden utensils, So a simple hand wash is the best for wooden items.
  • Always blot the wooden utensils with a kitchen towel and allow them to air dry completely before storing them.
  • If you feel your wooden spoons are drying out rub it with some mineral oil or any oil recommended by the manufacturers, this will increase the life of your spoon. Once oiled hang up those Wooden utensils and let them air dry. You can oil your kitchen wooden utensils once in a month.
  • High pigment food like tomato puree or spinach puree, Turmeric, etc will stain your wooden utensils. But they are still safe to use and the stains will eventually fade away with use.
  • Wooden utensils tend to absorb odors from many strong aromatic ingredients like garlic, or oil and may transfer the same aroma to other dishes. To reduce any kind of smell, clean the wooden surface with a paste of lemon, baking soda & water. This will help neutralize any kind of aroma.
  • If you see any kind of roughness or stains or marks in your wooden spoons, rub them away with a piece of sandpaper, then oil it with mineral oil.
  • Never stir raw meats or eggs with wooden utensils as bacteria may get trapped in tiny cracks of the spoons.
  • Keep your wooden utensils stored in a well ventilated, dry place to avoid any kind of molds or fungal growth on your spoons. As it may lead to food poisoning or infection or food spoilage.

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