5 reasons why we need to use eco friendly products

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, We borrow it from our Children” 

Eco-friendly, Environmental Friendly, Green Products you must have heard them all, but ever wondered why these products should be used. There are many reasons for the same, But the few most important are it not benefits you but also to the environment, Economy & most importantly to society. It also helps you save money as most of the eco-friendly product is based on slow fashion, meaning to use the product for its whole life cycle.

So, let’s take a look at the five reasons why one should use eco-friendly, green, sustainable, etc products.


Cost Effective

Eco-friendly products are worth spending on, but most of the people say eco-friendly means expensive. But Fair labor & ethical practices will cost more but in the long run, it saves lots of money. For Ex, Munio Home linen is quite expensive but it can be used for at least 20 years before it starts to lose its charm, whereas any regular home furnishing can only survive for 2 years. Eco-homes are also worth spending on as the construction of such homes require quite bigger investments but it saves money on lots of things like water, electricity, etc. For example, installing bigger windows in your home may cost you more on development but in long it would make sure you have abundant light in your home during the daytime & save electricity bills.


healthier lifestyle tips

When you use more eco-friendly products in your day-to-day lifestyle you could reduce the number of pollutants that get into the soil, water, air, etc. This would make both indoors and outdoors to have more clean space to live & grow. Sequentially, you would be breathing clean air, have clean & green surroundings, the freshwater available for everyone and many more. Using more eco-friendly products in your day-to-day also reduces stress & improves the quality  of life.

We would also improve the lifestyle of your kids & future generations in the long run. Also educating our children about what’s eco-friendly when they are small will help the kids grow more empathic & conscious of the Nature that surrounds them.


recycling save natural resources

When you switch to green products or eco friendly products you make sure the natural resources are conserved one way or the other.As most of the eco-friendly products are made consciously to use the resources most efficiently. For Example, Munio Home Glasswares are made from recycled glass which not only reduces the consumption of sand from nature but also the production glassware requires less energy.

Also, switching to green sources of energy like solar panels which generates electricity from the sun. It works as an option to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel which is needed to make electricity & hence, saving resources. It helps also in saving water resources as green homes promote the usage of rainwater harvesting & other water-saving plumbing in homes.


biodegradable packaging

With the advent of e-commerce, packaging has become a huge issue as the amount of plastic packaging they use is huge. Companies need to opt for eco-friendly packaging as it creates a good brand image, it simply shows the social responsibility of the brand towards the mother earth and customers love to use these products which are made ethically.

Using eco-friendly doesn’t harm nature, it can be recycled easily by the customers receiving it. Most of the brands have come up with multipurpose use of packaging. For example, Munio home India uses cardboard packaging for all of the Eco-friendly soy-based aroma candles, For all the linen products it comes in a cute knapsack which you can use later or when you are not using the product you can pack it the sack and keep it in cupboards.


improve our environment

Be it eco-friendly products or be it an eco-friendly building, everything contributes to saving the environment by not using harmful materials that can wreck nature. The production of such products is aimed to reduce the use of natural resources and recycle as much as possible. Also, the production and construction of eco-products & eco-homes creates less air pollution, reducing the risk of climate change and other disasters. With the coming of new technologies to make your life better and easier doesn’t mean we should harm nature, by using eco-friendly products we reduce the carbon footprint. Our surrounding is our everything and we need to protect it.

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