In this era, where we are so tired up, with our daily work, knowing how to set dining tables is the least of our concerns. Gone are the Victorian era where women were made to learn to set those complex dining tables for particular occasions. What colors go together, which forks should be placed(silverware itself was of 24 pieces), which drinks would be served in which goblet they should know all. It reflected the values and etiquettes of the hostess, which would position her in the upper-class society. Similarly, in this era, basic knowledge of dining Table settings displays the creativity of the hostess to other guests. I know, you must be thinking those ladies had the luxury of help.

Setting a dining table is a huge task at home, but sometimes it’s so good to have a fine dining Table experience at home with your partner. It seems impractical but a few tips and tricks will do the work, it wouldn’t only impress your family & friends too.

Here are three simple ways of Dining table setting, which you can do to dazzle yourself and your guests too.

Formal Dining Setting

Formal Dining Table


There are occasions in our lives like celebrating a big success party or celebrating a small but a big thing like the 45th anniversary. This celebration is just small but extra special than your everyday dinner, & using a formal dining Table style would just make it extra special. The setting of a formal table dinner can be a little intimidating if one doesn’t know what goes where. But it’s super logical, you start eating with flatwares outside to inside, forks go the left, spoons and knives on the right. The dinner fork and spoon go on top, stemware goes on the top right, Napkins should be kept on top, & all things should be kept on placemats. Keep the centerpieces in the way that it shouldn’t block the guests while communicating with each other. Keep your wooden dining table safe by using linen tablecloths. It would not only keep your dining table clean but also add some colors to your overall dining table. So what are you waiting for, now you know it’s all logical, start prepping up for your next dinner & make your guest feel honored.

Casual Dining Setting

casual dining table setting


You have a few friends coming for dinner & you wanna impress them then this Dining table setting surely will do the magic. You can add a little color by using a contrasting tablecloth, Table runner, Placemats & napkins, you can also mismatch the colors of these for a creative setting. The Casual dining Table setting is similar to a formal dining table setting plate in the center, you can keep a napkin on it or aside the plate, keep cutleries only for the meal you are going to serve. You can also add a few aroma candles to add more warmth & homely feeling to the dining table. A flower vase can also be added as a centerpiece to add more colors to the dining Table.( a blue vase filled with colorful flowers can do the work).

Romantic Dining Setting

romantic dinner setting at home


Setting a romantic dinner for her/ him is the most intimidating thing you can do for her/him. After a tiring day at work make your partner feel relaxed and special by just setting a passionate dining table for them. You can keep the dining table setting simple with just two plates, with appropriate cutleries, Wine glass, Flowers to add colors. Lit a few aroma candles of your choice, dim lights work perfectly in such a setting or just put some fairy light on the windows. Cook something which is her/his favorite, don’t try to experiment with dishes, keep the focus on the appetizer, drink, and dessert. Plate everything on those special plates in your home, if you are thinking of ordering food from her/his favorite restaurant. You can also play some soothing music to add up to the romantic dining table setting. Make her/him feel special. That’s the key to it.

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